Situation Update: broken, fixed, changed “youtube mp3” sites

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Following several reports on the working or broken sites, I’ve decided to go over my list of best youtube mp3 converters and edit it in the following way:

  1. put indicators of sites working (WORKS) or broken
  2. move broken sites in the “under question” group in the bottom of the page
  3. add new sites that have been reviewed recently, to spice up the list and make sure all 20 its entries are working and operational

I am also receiving emails and comments going “why is this site not in the list?” Well, maybe because i consider it mediocre and not worthy of being in my list? Or maybe i think you’re kinda being rude and telling me what to do on my blog, instead of politely asking me to review your (most likely) site. I do this for fun and as a hobby, so i don’t have to do this, and specifically don’t have to do what you tell me to…

And so, here is the breakdown of changes in the list of best youtube mp3 converters…

Sites that are broken, removed from the list

the following sites seem to be completely broken: either disappeared, unreachable or simply announce that they are gonners…

  1. ListenToYoutube – site completely went under, ListenToYoutube is not reachable
  2. Anything2Mp3 – no more mp3 conversions allowed on this site, so basically it doesn’t work anymore, although it is still online. this was not covered in any special article yet..

Sites under question, also removed from list

as i’ve already said, not removed per-say, but were moved to the bottom of the list.

  1. TheYouMp3 – one of the fastest mp3 conversion sites, but oh well, theyoump3 still doesn’t work. Seems like it’s back to normal, but no, it freezes and doesn’t do mp3 conversion
  2. Convert2mp3 – seems like i’ve just reviewed this site 4 months ago, and now it is not serving mp3 conversions in the USA, and I am not sure what other countries it will refuse to service, so… moving this into “questionable” part of the list.
  3. Youzik – french site seems to be broken at the moment, it’s a very recent breakdown, so maybe it’ll be back soon, fingers crossed.
  4. Offliberty – one of the favorites of online youtube mp3 community, Off Liberty has been broken since summer 2017… My recent checkup on this site revealed that it is indeed getting better, now it actually offers downloads for youtube again, but only the video part. For audio mp3 converted from video it offers file “videoplayback.mp4” which is essentially AAC audio from the video. So… maybe it’ll be back and fixed soon?

Sites that are freshly added to the list

and now let’s go over 7 new sites that I’m adding to this list. they are marked in the list with “NEW” indicators, and are guaranteed to work, at least now, mid February 2018.. I have also removed images from that article, only makes it harder to edit it, cause i constantly change top 3..

  1. y2mate – rated 4 stars, this site is worth the list
  2. YoutubeMP3 – also 4 stars, not bad
  3. YooDownload – recent find, quite a good UX
  4. – easy to use, good choice for the list
  5. MP3-Youtube.Download – very plain site, by “telecharger group”
  6. – not the best site, but still can get into the list
  7. Easy-Youtube-MP3 – quite a sad user experience, but it works, which we need…

so this wraps up our February 2018 update on the top working youtube mp3 converter sites and those that don’t anymore… enjoy!

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