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2017 Editor’s Update: site is no more. It now redirects visitors to – a sprout of keeptube’s, which inherited all of its negative components: ridden with ads, popups and all, doesn’t offer HD 1080p. And tries to push it’s software – the infamous VDownloader, full of adware and malware. Do not use either, i do not recommend!!

our next target is and again we see a generic website made with one and only reason – to get traffic and to traffic some good, in this case – ads and program, which we already know – VDownloader is “the software of Keep-Tube”… ha ha… lets just begin here on Keep Tube, i go ahead and search for Justin Bieber videos on google, and i paste the video URL into the textbox on this can be easily see on the screenshot to the right. – download videos from youtube

keep-tube,com screenshot 1 download youtube video free website downloader
keep-tube,com screenshot 1 download youtube video free website downloader

i click Download by URL button and the next Screen shows up, where i have a choice of several quality streams to download the video from youtube. i can pick either smaller screen and file size, or bigger ones, which is equal to quality selection on youtube page. but not really clear why it couldn’t be represented with usual youtube values of 720, 1080, etc.

also file name of the video being saved will not have the title of the youtube page, it will be some random stream name. so make sure and remember what you’re downloading, or rename the file as soon as download finishes. on the left you can see the screenshot 2 and the options and features provided by when i click the download button… screenshot 2 free youtube downloader website keeptube screenshot 2 free youtube downloader website keeptube

finally we have a few words to say here.. seems like a nice little website that actually has pretty good traffic and besides the feature of downloading the videos. it also provides the popular videos to download, which is quite a nice touch, trying to build a community or something like that, i guess..

keeptube site is safe to use, it is not trying to install any spyware or virus, there is no virus in keeptube, it is a preconceptions from the face that browser is asking you about something. simple solution is either to “run once” as it is in chrome or “allow to run always”. that is if you’re planning to use this site all of the time. do “once” first and go from there. one negative thing here is that there are links to download audio from the video, but all of those links lead to vdownloader website. which is straight up deceiving the visitor. simple “download audio from this video using this program” would be a much better suggestion.

Features offered by

  1. ad-free video downloading
  2. download using proxy
  3. offers to download trending videos
  4. offers possibility to download without even the copy-paste of the url, simply replace domain with “” right in the address bar and press enter, and video will automatically begin downloading.

Features not offered or falsified

  1. download audio from youtube video is advertised but deceivingly not allowed
  2. only is supported by this
  3. this 2-page site is using cookies? excuse me…


it’s ok to use keep-tube. or was ok rather. i think it’s gone. at least for now. now it’s redirecting to which is a loud name, i would say… they had to dish out some money for that domain… i guess it was working for them and they earned well. or found investors? LOL…. but seriously, if you’re interested, is a great online video downloader & converter.

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