Flv2Mp3.org is now known as Flv2Mp3.BY

flv2mp3.by front page index look

And here we go again following the ever-changing world of youtube to mp3 converters. Apart from many sites that try to pull you into reading their story, i will state the news right now, and then later i will continue with my cocomamy bauble that’ll bring up word count to 300+ to make this viable material for google…

In 2 words, our old friend (not friend, but we knew about it) flv2mp3.org has had a series of transformations over the last few months. At first it was noticed, that flv2mp3.org has removed all online conversions and downloads to push their software downloads.

But, this software is also promoted by their older sister site flvto.biz, which has 100s of times more traffic than flv2mp3.org ever had… So… drumroll… Flv2mp3.org reemerges under new domain name Flv2mp3.by and .org now redirects to .by, dropping the whole software promotion thing…

Here’s what the front page of ftv2mp3.by looks like right now, site is functional and back to work..

flv2mp3.by front page index look
flv2mp3.by front page index look

Big Big sites’ success strategies

What does this whole situation tell us? well, for starters, the team (or person) behind flv2mp3 is not sure what to do, so they are trying this and that. on the other hand, software pushing is a good strategy for millions of visitors, such like Ummy Downloader pushed by Savefrom.nat.

They can afford that, being one of top 100 words’ most biggest sites (by traffic, according to alexa).. Or us promoting the most amazing software Airy for video audio downloads from youtube and other sites.. We can do it, cause we’re passionate about good product.. But they couldn’t/..

And so greedy capitalist owners of flv2mp3 decide to do their dark and dirty thing and make flv2mp3.org come back from dead with the changed identity, that changes a month after rebirth, and under a different name (well, last name is different, first name is still the same)…

Conclusion on flv2mp3

What can i say to end this? Watch out, probably soon new listentoyoutube site comes, since that one has been down for a while.. Just kidding. But these moves are screwing up my articles, making the one about their software transformation pretty much useless… Now i gotta update it…

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  1. annie Reply

    how does the site work? I put in a url and get a screen that’s mostly white with a little fake ass looking google icon telling me to download some stuff.

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