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And now we continue, with this new site i found called OFFMP3.COM, it’s a project by and is only for online video to mp3 conversion. Below is the alexa traffic rank, thanks to 9xbuddy redirect it received lots of traffic in the last half a year..

offmp3 download youtube mp3 alexa traffic stats
offmp3 download youtube mp3 alexa traffic stats

let’s not beat around the bush and get to business right away.. The Review for Offmp3 follows. Review

The site is rather new, maybe up to 1 year old, so it’s still building the audience and blah-blah they own a much more popular site 9xbuddy so they can still keep this one ad free. Yes, has no popups (as of January 2018, everything may change in a week or in a few months).

This is a big thing nowadays and even makes this site a candidate for best youtube to mp3 converters list. Otherwise it was quite a painless experience, thanks to no popups. No distractions, quick user experience.

Yes, there are ads on this site. Not visible at first, but later when you are converting and ready to download – then you see ads. They are static, so basically – non-existent. Hehe… Only here on savetube my 3 static ads produce 4% CTR and actually make money for me..

On YouTube converter sites – static ads do not bring much revenue, just maybe 0.2%CTR with peanuts for earnings, unless you reach 100s of 1000s of daily visitors, to take it by the amount… In any case, use was a particularly nice experience.

Same experience you can get from software that doesn’t make you run around looking for ad-blocks and for methods on how to remove that software. I am talking about Airy HD youtube video downloader and mp3 converter. It’s a nice piece of software that won’t make you made at every step of using it!

Have to mention, Offmp3 is available via https secure channel at it’s a good things these days, to help paranoidal users – thinking the man is watching them – feel better..

Weird SEO strategies owners do employ a very weird SEO strategy… It comes, of course, from the 9xbuddy and the thought that it kinda helps.. There’s a page with 100s of sites listed that this supports for mp3 conversion.

And on each page there’s a generic article same on all pages just website name changed. Explanations on how to use to download music from that website. And what do you think, really… 20% of sites that supports are P0RN SITES!!!

Come on, this is truly ridiculous.. Why would you be trying to convert some p0rn video to mp3? Is it because you like to listen to people have sex??? I do not get it..  See what happens when site owners simply copy-paste site structure from one folder to another… It creates a bunch of ridiculous unrelated pages..

On 9xbuddy i get this strategy, cause that site is for video downloading. So p0rn videos are a desirable downloading material. But p0rn audio??? Sound (only) from furnicating people, i do not think this is something to advertise your site being able to do… In any case, this pictureless article is soon to change.. Offmp3 Tutorial is next! Quick Tutorial

obviously, since offMp3 is just an mp3 converting spawn of 9xbuddy, I am writing these 2 articles simultaneously and is going to reuse parts of one in another and vice versa.

for this tutorial I will use this new “copyright-free” video that is OK to download from youtube. Please, remember, savetube does not advocate illegal downloads from youtube or other websites and services. We simply review websites that happen to do it for you..

and so today we will try to download – Flares by NIVIRO. The video there is petty much useless, but oh well, gotta be politically correct these days, can’t go around advocating illegal youtube downloads anymore.. =)

Step 1. Open and check it out

it’s secure browsing and it’s pretty clear and again makes you think site is being taken care of, since there’s a log of things and tasks being done and solved on weekly basis.. click here to open the site. review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 1 front page review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 1 front page

Step 2. Enter video URL in the box and click convert

very easy, right? nothing else to do now but wait a few moments.. As you may remember, while video is ready to download and is served as mp4 or flv usually, audio is a whole different story.

Despite the fact that mp3 is most used and spoken of, online video is served with audio packed in AAC format, or M4A.. Which doesn’t give any visible advantages, but makes downloader’s life much harder… Now you can either take the aac or m4a file and get on with your life.

But what if your mp3 player doesn’t support m4a or aac? You need mp3. so here come sites like theyoump3 or youzik or, such sites actually download aac or m4a audio file from the video page, convert it to mp3 and then send it to you.

That is exactly the reason why giants like savefrom, keepvid or do not offer mp3 conversion – because they’d need 10x bigger infrastructure to do it, processor time, queues.. While offering video download is much easier – just pass the download link to the user and they get video from its source.

Mp3 – has to be downloaded first and then converted and sent back. So this is where resources will be used up.. that is why most video download sites do not deal with mp3 conversion. And mp3 conversion sites do not offer video downloads, but probably for other reasons… review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 2 enter URL and click convert review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 2 enter URL and click convert

Step 3. Now we can download the converted audio.

sorry, i like to rant and explain things… As seen in step 2 above… Lol. Anyways, now we are at the page with the download link. Mp3 download is pretty fast and happens from some random site… But there are no popups, which is a good thing… review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 3 finally see the download link review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 3 finally see the download link

Step 4. Proof of download

As you can see, i now have the mp3 file.. Yay!!! =) review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 4 proof of download review tutorial youtube mp3 converter step 4 proof of download


Thumbs Up - Approved by SaveTube for safe useand finally we get to the point where i say … well.. yes, it’s OK to use this site and it’s better than many out there. no popups as of yet, making it very attractive to use. check it out!

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