Offliberty Not Working Properly Anymore (Temporary?)

offliberty, download youtube and any other audio or video source without any problem

Hello and Top of the morning to you!! There’s a piece of information that I need to deliver to populace, and it even made me leave my self-inflicted “stay-away from everything” period and resume some writing. This is a great youtube mp3 converter that everyone needs to know about!!

Yes, it’s vital for you, my friends, to know, that I am aware that Offliberty doesn’t work anymore. Well, don’t get me wrong, is not down, the site works and is up. But the process is broken, and there you go, site’s Alexa rating has became worse 20% in the last 2 months.

It’s been on people’s minds since mid July. Offliberty can’t download Youtube anymore. Tears and despair!! This resource has been gaining great popularity over the last 3-4 years, mostly thanks to its simple intuitive interface and very little number of options (they only offer to choose if you want to download audio or video, that’s it, no browser extensions, nothing like that). And now what a misfortune..

Well, don’t be upset, my friends! Savetube to the rescue!! First we’d like to test it out and see if the fuss is correct at all..

offliberty doesn't work anymore
question: offliberty doesn’t work anymore ?
answer: yes, it doesn’t really

…Two minutes later, yes, it’s correct.. I’ve tried to load up new video of my favorite exemplary warrior and finally adult – Bieber. And to no avail.. Yes, rumours are correct, Offliberty doesn’t work properly anymore. Why? Because instead of saying “we cannot get your precious video for you”, they actually are saying that “This url is not working at the moment. Try again later.” and we would try again later, if we didn’t know, that URL is fine and is working perfectly.. it’s offliberty not working, not the URL..

Offliberty Doesn’t Work Anymore

And don’t let me lie, the site works and is up and running. It just doesn’t want to download video or audio from youtube anymore. Confirming here also that another rumor is FALSE, offliberty can and does download soundcloud music (at least not, 31-aug-2017, when this article is written). Who knows what happens later? Because we here at savetube know that different times come and go, but these sites remain, and it’s only a matter of time before offliberty admins pick up on this malfunction and fix it.

It happened several times before. “It” – meaning failing to download video from youtube. First reported back in December 2013 and January 2014 (multiple reports, all january) and fixed nearly 2 months later. Than something broke down again and reports started coming again in april 2016 something something fixed a month later. Now it’s been 2 months that Offliberty is not servicing youtube, and who knows how long it’ll be this time. But I am sure it’ll be fixed again. Like it happened before. Working Alternatives

so no worries, we here at savetube got your back, we always testing different ways to download youtube video and audio, and here we offer a good list of functional alternatives to

  • YoutubeMP3 is Youtube to MP3 converter. Many people have lost their favorite tool when was taken offline. Well, here comes to save from youtube today!! right now. It’s fast and easy to use. try it out!
  • (they want money for software to do very good quality downloads, but their free site version is exactly as good as offliberty is – 720p HD max video download on both sites and on most sites, for that matter).
  • FLVTO.BIZ on the new domain, but they are back and making quite a return..
  • KeepVid is also getting mega popular, that review there is old, needs new review, new tutorial.. They are offering paid software too, so beware.. Essentially also same as offliberty.
  • SaveItOffline & YoutubeinMp4 two very similar sites offering many options for video downloads from youtube.. Funny, the first one actually blames google for inspiring them to make service that will download videos from youtube, part of google.
  • for youtube to mp3 conversion you can check out this list of top 10 methods for youtube mp3 downloads. We’ve lined up there a few methods, some websites are only youtube to mp3 services, they don’t do nothing else and manage to stick into top 500 websites in the world.. What number of servers is needed for that.. Offliberty has over 50 servers involved…
  • and finally, if you are ready to call yourselves “adults” – switch to youtube-dl. It’s really really really cool, it’s versatile, it’s smart and offers millions of options, it can convert and do a whole array of things. it can record live youtube video too. Its only caveat is that it needs command prompt to work. But that review I linked above talks about all of it, and it’s very easy, and rewarding. Downloads happen as easy as typing “youtube-dl video1 video2 video3 playlist1 playlist2” into the command line interpreter CMD and voila, this tool downloads videos and whole playlists and sets from soundcloud and many other things.. And it’s friendsly with over 1000 audio/video streaming services.. Plus there’s an advanced youtube-dl tutorial of more serious options, as well as discussion of using this method to always download best audio quality available from youtube..

Now that this is over with, i’m getting back to working on my Underground Club Music Radio and live streaming the best dance culture beats – techno, tech house, deep and progressive house. I love that music.. That is if you were interested why i was away for so long. I am sure you don’t care, but I mentioned it anyways.. I have another hobby! Live streaming video and audio. And then writing articles on how to record my own live streams… LOL..

So if you’re here looking for a good youtube to mp3 converter – we recommend one of the following: online video converter, theyoump3, flv2mp3, yttomp3, ytmp3, flvto, listen to youtube.

My recent accomplishment was making a live stream from youtube stream live on facebook. I simply re-streamed youtube live stream onto a facebook live stream. Just to try, And it works.. Essentially it’s as simple as extracting m3u8 from youtube video, i did it with youtube-dl, and then feeding that video source to ffmpeg and output is then set to be sending data to facebook live rmtp URL.

Well, let me not distract you any longer from your thing.. Just believe in Offliberty, and it’ll strike back! =) Especially when their ad revenue goes down from all the lost traffic…


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