is Down… See the 5 Best Alternatives

listen to youtube is down, check out top 5 alternatives

Bad new again for the youtube mp3 converter community… One of the top sites has gone down, maybe 2-3 weeks ago, and there’s no hope in sight for it to return.. It is to all of our dismay. As a proof of my words, check out how their alleged traffic has declined in last 3 weeks, according to alexa:

listen to youtube is down, alexa traffic graph
listen to youtube is down, alexa traffic graph

Here’s what the page looks like now… No wonder the decline in traffic.. =) These news come just a few months after the biggest player on the youtube mp3 scene went down – it was our favorite, of course. Just before that Offliberty stopped working (on youtube videos).

listen to youtube is down, check out top 5 alternatives
listen to youtube is down, check out top 5 alternatives

That’s not all. Sites are going down, breaking, disappearing, like under some acid rain… Just recently savetube reported on theyoump3’s problems with youtube conversions. And finally we’ve had under some kind of hack, disappeared from google. This last “event” is actually beneficial for me, since (this blog) has received 30% extra traffic thanks to all those who visit via google, and cannot find it..

Nevertheless, if you are here because you want some great alternatives, don’t look any further, – you’ve found it!

Best Alternatives

  1. www – easy to use, employs 5 conversion api sources, so is guaranteed to deliver the mp3, no matter what!
  2. – easy and fast, no ads, pretty cool site, the one with the shark, originally
  3. y2mate – easy conversion, tricky design with ads, but still quick and easy
  4. – original conversion method performed right on your computer will 110% ensure that converted mp3 is delivered, every time, no DMCA block can stop this one.
  5. ListenToYoutube seems to be back under a new domain name.. Who knows..
  6. – while it’s quite same as the original, this site delivers conversion very easy, using some other sites’ APIs…. great on mobile!

In any case, you can always refer to our list of top 20 best youtube mp3 converters. And since we’re trying to keep it up to date and remove dead links from it, it’s time to edit it and remove ListenToYoutube from there.. Yes, site was quite cool, so it was in out top best list.. Not anymore.. sad…


  1. SweetLala25 Reply

    Listentoyoutube gives me nothing but pop ups and suspicious looking stuff: windows I can’t close, re-routing to 18+ only sites things like that so its def NOT the same. It doesn’t seem safe to me at all so I don’t recommend it. Now to try a couple others.

  2. Shawn Reply

    I’ve been using Y2Mate for a long time and also AtopShare MP3 Downloader Online because of the high-quality result they gave me. Listentoyoutube has many ads that’s why I don’t use it anymore. Thanks for the other suggestions too.

  3. Naughty Autie Reply

    When I went to the Listen to YouTube site, the only option for output was MP3, but to get the kind of MP3s I need, I have to download WAV files. Big wate of my time.

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