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Hello! I’m back! Glad to see you’re still stopping by this old publication. We are still helping people all over the world get their online video collections saved to their personal devices. As such we are still offering new methods and tools to do so. And the latest coolest site out there will be YMP4 (short for youtube mp4), so it will be the topic of our newest article, first after a long long break.

Ymp4 – Youtube Mp4 (downloader)

The website is really nice, slick and fast. Seemingly hosted by Cloudflare, this site has the best CF has to offer, such as geo-caching, attack protection and many other steps a popular site needs to think about, apparently. When small site becomes big and starts biting the bigger and bigger piece of the traffic pie, all other eaters at the table get upset and Cloudflare is there to help against their angry lashing out. Believe me, this happened to me on this very blog, when one of the articles about a site started temporarily taking 1st spot (ahead of the website the article was actually about).. There was lots of anger and monkey poop thrown my way back then…

And so back to Ymp4 – Youtube mp4 as they call themselves. Here’s a screenshot of the front page in English language with top 20 most popular videos shown.

ymp4 download front page top 20
ymp4 download front page top 20

Top 20 videos can be accessed by that little link right below the GO button.

Youtube video search with suggestions

As depicted below, Ymp4 can help users find videos they like directly from their website without the need to visit Youtube. Simply try to type some words into the white search box and Ymp4 will react with quick suggestions of popular search tags, trending in your area or country. It will also help even if you don’t want to search but have your own video URL copied to clipboard. To use it – right click in the white box and paste video URL, then hit GO button. If used search or top 20 – simply click on any video thumbnail to proceed.

ymp4 download front page search suggest
ymp4 download front page search suggest

Youtube mp4 & mp3 download options

After selecting which video you’d like to save from Youtube to your device, you will see a page something like this. Red button saves video mp4 720p usually. Orange is faux button with popup. Below there are multiple other options, all viable, some without sound, so be careful. Sound download options are also shown for Youtube to mp3 conversion.

ymp4 download mp4 mp3 save options
ymp4 download mp4 mp3 save options

Conclusion (approved)

Thumbs Up - Approved by SaveTube for safe use

As you can see, Ymp4.download is a pretty cool site, fast, with very little popups and other annoying stuff that can be easily blocked or simply refused by clicking the x buttons and such.. Be aware, it has popups, so that can deliver all kinds of unwanted visitors to your device, but if you are careful and shut those popups down as soon as they popup – you will be in good shape. Ymp4 is recommended by Savetube!

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