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Today I’d like to look into I was going to research it in one of the previous articles, but instead accidentally did No matter, let’s get now to and what is it all about… This article adds to our list of top youtube to mp3 converter. First Look Review

Take a look at It reminds of 1029th generic youtube to mp3 downloader site. Same look, same (annoying) ads, same everything.. Above you can see a screenshot of what this site looks like… Nothing special and even ugly.. 🙁

On every click be prepared to have an ad pop up. Ad-block software can always help in this situation…

What is good about this site is that it actually tries to process the video on its own. It’s no using any API’s from some other sites, it’s doing the work as a site is supposed to – download the video, either converts it to mp3 or puts together videoless audio and audioless video, and lets you download.

YES! This site is capable of 1080p HD youtube video download. I must say, don’t put your hopes up though… I tried and my 1080p HD video ended up being only 40 seconds out of 4 minutes youtube video, it contained about 20 seconds of video, and had very low video bitrate..

and so.. Let us now review the steps necessary to convert youtobe to mp3 using Step By Step Tutorial

we’re going to play with this new Taylor Swift video. It is 4 minutes long.. I must say that here because of the results we get below…

Step1. Open the site and enter your video URL

First we visit the site and enter our video url in the white box in the center of the page. As I have said before, try not to click anywhere on the page – every “wrong” click results in a popup with an annoying ad.. download youtube to mp3 sterp1 index page download youtube to mp3 step1 index page

now click CONTINUE and wait a few moments…

Step2. Select video or mp3 conversion format

On this screen we now can pick which format to convert youtube video to. The choices are MP3 and various video formats. I try Mp3 first. Then return to do the video download. Well, what can i tell you.. The process was like this… First i did the video to mp3 conversion and it worked fine. I downloaded the mp3 and was satisfied.

Then i noticed this 1080p HD video download option.. Naturally in my quest for HD, i rarely spot a site that offers 1080p video download. It is only youtube-dl that does it easily. Sites like or offliverty do not offer 1080p video download.

So i go back and try the 1080p option on the same video. Longer conversion time and eventually download begins!! and ends after only 10% of the size downloaded. Why??? what happened? My video ends up being not even 5% of the needed size and length.

So i go back and try mp3 again.. This time mp3 downloads as a 40 seconds tiny piece… WTF??? Why is this happening to me?? Definitely not trying this site again.. 🙁

But if you want to continue, here’s how the video format conversion selection looks like: download youtube to mp3 step2 select format download youtube to mp3 step2 select format

Step3. Conversion begins

Nothing really to talk about here except the message displayed: download youtube to mp3 sterp3 processing media download youtube to mp3 step3 processing media

make sure again not to click on listen or download buttons there – those are for ads.When conversion ends, here’s what we see on the new  page that opens up:

Step4. Download the converted mp3 download youtube to mp3 step4 download converter mp3 download youtube to mp3 step4 download converter mp3

I have denoted the REAL DOWNLOAD BUTTON with big red arrow. Make sure do not click anything extra, as yet again another ad will open. Download happened quite fast. Although as i said, on second attempt it was incomplete. FAIL!

Also audio is served as 192kbps. Not the most optimal, but at least not 320kbps. Good job on that. 1 Minute Video Tutorial

Youtube people have closed off my video posting account on, since it had only videos explaining people how not to use youtube.. hehe.. so it went against their rules and terms of service.. so they shut it down.. no worries, vimeo is just as good… and btw there you can download my videos too…

Conclusion is not a site i will be using ever again. It’s conversion mechanism is broken, or video downloading one is actually broken, and thus conversion suffers receiving incomplete video downloads..In any case, this is not a good user experience and i do not recommend using this website. 3 stars from editor, and not 1 only because they have 1080p HD attempts going..

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