SaveMedia.Com is no more (minus one awful youtube downloader) closed its doors gone off the radar

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This is the fourth opus i’m writing today, but I have to continue and must deliver these kinda sad news to the populace!! has closed its doors. Maybe owner forgot to renew the domain name, as it happened to owners and their site went parked for a few days back in june 2017.

It is not clear how this site went down. But it is clear that it is not a youtube downloader anymore. But to be honest, my original review was in no way favorable, so here’s my verdict: farewell savemedia and don’t come back! One less atrocious resource for me to revisit (checking if it’s still online and working).

Below is the view of traffic estimation by Alexa. You can see a serious dip in the chart in the last few months since went off line.. Or rather changed owners.. popularity rating from alexa popularity rating from alexa

Savemedia + Keep-Tube = Vdownloader ?

Originally it was that took upon redirecting its traffic to, maybe both being projects of keep-tube original creators. That is also not clear. But as I’ve just checked, now redirects to – the site that pushes VDownloader software.

I think both keep-tube and save media were front sites to push Vdownloader by the creators of the software.. It is also just a speculation. I haven’t found any confirmation to my words, just thinking, contemplating, deducing… Like Sherlock Holmes used to…

So if you head to now you will find a parked domain standard page with some unrelated iphone links, or maybe different ones for you.. Here’s what it looks like for me: closed its doors gone off the radar closed its doors gone off the radar

The new owners are not even trying.. Search ads? Who does that?

Top 10 Best alternatives

So if you used to use the site for youtube and other video sites downloads, here are the top 10 working alternatives to

MP4 – for online video downloaders

if you used to download online video with, here are top 5 best savemedia alternatives for your tasks:

  1. SaveMedia – new site, new look..
  2. – good both for mp3 and mp4 downloads from many sites
  3. Keepvid – if you like sleek designs of monster sites of alexa’s top 1000
  4. SaveFrom – another sleek one, from top 100 world’s most visited sites
  5. SaveItOffline – nice and working, for video only
  6. – another big top 1000 sites one, you can rely on those to stick around

MP3 – for video to mp3 converters

if you did visit savemedia but for its youtube mp3 converting ability, here are the top best youtube mp3 converters that’ll replace it in your daily list of destinations:

  1. Savemedia – new site allows for mp3 conversion!!
  2. – nice and quick, uses your own computer to convert video to mp3
  3. TheYouMp3 – on the fly youtube audio extractor & converter, really fast
  4. – youtubemp3converter with many redundant download options
  5. – giant youtube converter with blue shark, redirect from
  6. working clone, with several download techniques, no ads

Best Top VDownloader alternatives

and if you were one of those who bought into the need to get software for 1080p downloads from youtube (if you don’t know, it can be done online using, for example,, here are the top software alternatives, although Vdownloader still exists…

  1. Airy Mp3 Converter & HD Youtube Downloader
  2. Youtube-DL – very powerful command line youtube downloader
  3. AnyMusic Downloader & Converter by Amoyshare
  4. Ummy Video Downloader by Savefrom
  5. Clipgrab – still top piece of software if you ask me

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  1. "Sam" Reply

    I was using to find music to send to my youtube play list. Some of the songs were very old and some were hard to find.

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