Saveclipbro, Youtubnow are out, check out best alternatives

save clip bro alternatives

Another loss for online video downloader community – saveclipbro was just hitting top10k according to alexa, and is now gone, according to my browser. That very much upsets me. Do you remember when has gone down mid may? Just 2 months ago.. Was also getting up there, and gone without so much as a note. I forgot to write back then about it, so now I am writing this article as a tribute to 2 sites.

save clip bro alternatives
save clip bro is gonners…

These 2 are very specific names, and only existed for a year or two, so i guess that’s why there’s been no imitators, no name or traffic claiming happened there.. Saveclipbro now shows empty white page with error.. Youtubnow is showing under maintenance for the past 2 months… Or was there downtime also… Can’t remember.

In any case, don;t be too sad, we have 5 great replacement alternatives to saveclipbro and youtubnow. All 5 have no ads, no popups, work great even now that youtube has been throttling some of the most famous mp3 converters and video downloaders.

Saveclipbro & Youtubnow best alternatives

  1. Savevideo – great site, very super fast, has close to zero traffic, but works actually very good, supports playlists and all..
  2. Savemedia – site with long history, it’s a great online video downloader to replace the bro
  3. Youtubemp4 – also here to help, this more of youtubnow alternative, but it works actually with any kind of websites
  4. Keepvid – nice site, not the original, but is as slick as the one we all used to love
  5. Ytmp4 – another easy to use site with 1 single download button, check it out

Well, this seems like good enough choice, right? Just keep in mind, here on savetube we’re always vigilant, always have working tools for you to find out about, we just have to have working youtube downloaders, there’s no other way around it. So we keep up with the changes… Same as we got these saveclipbro alternatives..


  1. kenny Reply

    That’s sad. Do you know any online converters that convert YouTube videos to good quality 3gp with reasonable file size? Saveclipbro was good at that, but the drawback was a lack of frame rate control for that format that made videos have artifacts and look slow.

    The other good site was been unable to convert YouTube for 2 or more months now. YT police provs cracked down on it.

    • admin Post authorReply

      your question is very specific.. usually mp4 is the desired format, thus others are mostly disregarded in new online converters.. but i’ll keep an eye out for ones that can work with 3gp

  2. Lahiru Gunaratna Reply

    These sites are not capable to convert a video to mp3 if the duration is longer than 30 mins.

    • admin Post authorReply

      yes, now I see that is true. I never needed a longer video to be mp3 converted.. I will look for ones that can do longer videos.

  3. Joe1 Reply

    iPhone users, try Pcloud or Sync to bypass fair play nonsense. Documents 6 file management might also help.

  4. - Reply

    My mistake just use Documents 6 and save as Document in Apples file cloud.

    The apps browser icon is in right bottom corner.

    Download will fail if saved directly to Camera Roll, due to fair play protection.

    Android users congrats. No additional methods needed.

  5. Jes Reply

    I’m trying to find a youtube link to wav file downloader and thats what i used saveclipbro for but now I can’t find any wihtout downloading…does anyone have any suggestions?

  6. KC Jones Reply

    Thank you!! I have students that need music for class projects. I wish they would stop killing the creativity. No one is making a profit when we do a class assignment say in PowerPoint or Adobe Premiere Pro to practice communication skills.

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