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So here comes another article about a lost resources. Just now I’ve finished one about going down, which is OK, since site was truly awful. I rated it 1 star in my original Savemedia review. Or how has gone missing. Or how Offliberty broke down and TheYouMp3 not working is down as well..

But this one is about changing its behaviour for the worst. It never worked, at least, not in the time I knew about it, so it’s like last 4 years maybe.. So this is not one of the “lost resource” articles. This one is more about how a mediocre site changed its behavior from bad for the worse.

Before we get into ranting and discussing why and what, let me present you with top 5 alternatives. Don’t let me be cheesy here, but do not mistake .com for .org, because there are simply no alternatives to my savetube – the dot org version of it. And that is as cheesy as it is true… Noone simply does this, I actually found my niche where I am completely alone… And so:

Top 5 alternatives calls itself soundcloud downloader, and soundcloud being one of the biggest music providers does not attract famous producers and singers to share their music there, but youtube does, so I’ve never looked into reviewing many soundcloud downloader sites..

  1. is my top choice, secure, ad free and fast downloads (visit)
  2. is for youtube mp3 downloads, supports many other sites
  3. Savefrom will help download online videos, very reliable
  4. Keepvid is also one of the giants, always online, never going down
  5. YoutubeMp3Converter for youtube mp3 downloads, popup free experience

Why I rant about

Yes, I am really vigilant about and its traffic. I’ve been trying to overcome with my and take first spot in google for the savetube search keyword. But it’s hard, since the .com site has been around for a long time, and seems not to be going away.

But it does disappear sometimes. Not necessarily on its own, I mean, not off the radar, but out of google. True, this is the exact phenomenon that had me look at – this review site – and realize its potential anew back in May 2017, when I was looking after my sister who broke her leg.

So I now really want that traffic back. I did make some posts, tripled my article number in last half a year, which really created a good influx of user traffic.. Users come and go, with 70% bounce rate. But I do not mind, cause of the 4% Ad CTR…

Lots of people end up clicking ads on this blog, I do not really know why, but it is a fact. Usual CTR is 0.2% or something.. Or that’s what my other site get. This one is a monster compared to other sites.. And I love it! =) So if I were to get that traffic again, it could double my user base and double all other aspects as well… People still try to visit .com and get burned…

A little history was actually thriving back then, after quite a slow winter. But May 2017 – lots of traffic, that continued till june-july 2017, just all from one search keyword “savetube“.  I looked into it back then, and the result was that domain was somehow punished by google, and was not showing up when searched for “savetube”.

Obviously, my .org result was the first result all those months. And that actually created quite a nice traffic, which made me return to writing again… LOL… And then resurfaced in google SERPs again, i guess, ban ended. At that time it was redirecting all requests to, not sure if it was purchased by the latter, or was their new project…

So any submit button press on would redirect to and that site would perform the required function. Now it seems has severed its ties to, because the latter does not redirect there anymore.

It now seems to have been hacked or overtaken by ad providers… On any request it seemingly starts to convert something, but then screen is replaced by some referral hunting traffic gobbler page… But the front page still looks exactly as it did months and years ago:

savetube com index page
savetube com index page – site looks nice and clean… but it does nothing.. read on..

Well, we’ll see what happens next… Will 5-10k daily .com visitors become .org visitors?? I really want that… =)

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