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June 2017 Edit: Savefrom,, 2017 Savetube Updated Review.
Project Status:  Savefrom gets respect from Savetube….
Haha, I tried to pretend this was some kind of secret files project status report... In my head it was exactly that way though.. So in last 3 years Savefrom has had a gigantic boost of popularity, and check it out, the site is now in top 150 websites in the world (according to Alexa). Indeed, this is a call to celebrate, and me personally - i need to update this article. And since I'm not a fixer-upper, but a creator, I write new review now, and remove the old one eventually maybe in a few years. I'm in no rush. and so now....

Savefrom Review (Updated June 2017) or simply SaveFrom (commonly misspelled as savefrom.nat) has been riding some kinda popularity wave for the past 3-4 years, and look at it now – it’s all up there. and being up there requires a redesign and revamp. First, it needs you to be looking good and attracting people with ease of service. Second, your money making should be less annoying. Finally, it has to work fast! And SavefromNet team did exactly that, I promise you! New site is slick, it’s fast, response time is phenomenally low (another way to say that the site is fast). Savefrom redirects you to your localized version, which is very nice. It intuitively checks your input to minimize mouse clicks required to get the video… Amazing job done with the website, just try it out – click here. If you do, new browser tab will open, it will look something like step 2 below. The link is preset to put you on the download page for Drake’s video, so please, do not be alarmed!!

In this review, I will show you how to download “Drake – Worst Behavior” video from youtube.

thumbs down circle

Please, note. Savefrom mp3 converter is not a thing.. doesn’t do mp3. If you are looking for a good youtube mp3 converter – try our Top 10 youtube to mp3 converters list, or one of the following: online video converter, theyoump3, flv2mp3, yttomp3, ytmp3, flvto, listen to youtube,

Step 1. Savefrom Front Page

First we enter I will keep referring to it as, or Savefrom, but for you it maybe a different website version, translated in your own language, and serving from a fitting sub-domain of Save From Net website. The interface is all wonderful, very intuitive… Until you start using the website.. Enter the Video URL into the box denoted by Green Arrow on the image below, and see how things change!!

savefrom step 1 home page
savefrom step 1 home page – do not click anywhere

Step 2. Find the right link to click!! Follow RED ARROWS 

Of course there is this attempt to make you download something, this time it’s Ummy Video Downloader, and from now on Savefrom’s main task seems to be trying to get you to download this Ummy and subscribe with money. So this is how they afford not to have any advertising on their website (at least, for right now).. They try to sneakily sell you this software… From now on see where Red Arrows on the images point, – there you need to click to keep using the online version of so now click the link that says “download video in browser”

savefrom step 2 do not click
savefrom step 2 do not click on anything, these are sneaky offers of third-party software so far. need to click the link with red arrows!!!

Step 3. Choose desired option to download the video

at this point, after clicking the “download video in browser” link, you can see new box pop up, with the picture and green DOWNLOAD button next to it. click on that button, a small options dialog will open. Depending on the available quality, several selections will be listed. Now, please, be careful, not to get upset later. Below I’ll try to explain what to expect on each selection…

savefrom step 3 find the right link
savefrom step 3 now select the desired video download option
  • Medium Quality is the default selection. Medium means you’ll get 720p version of the video. i personally conside that hd, pretty much high definition. if you’re using android or iphone, it’ll be more than enough. 720p version yields video of 1280×720 pixels in dimensions, which is not much smaller than your phone’s screen resolution. In my opinion, medium quality is the way to go! for this video i get a 50MB file, which combines 720p video and 128kbps audio.
  • Low Quality gives 360p video with 96kbps audio – a bit too little.. i do not recommend. unless you have an old blackberry or something.. 🙂
  • WebM 360p is same as Low Quality
  • two 3GP options give small files that I personally can’t make myself look at.. too small!!
  • two MP4 options give soundless video. Yes, most videos with 1080p come as audio and video separate streams, that your browser multiplexes (muxes) together. check if option has red no-sound icon, and that’ll be your cue.
  • audio MP4 is the most ridiculous thing i’ve seen so far.. who wants mp3 to be a video file? so it’ll only play in a video player? i know i don’t. but if you do get audio mp4 and need this video converted to mp3 – we can help! Try the Online Video Converter or Clip Converter – you can upload mp4 there and convert it to a 128kbps mp3 in seconds. As we said before, sadly, savefrom mp3 is not possible.

getting the max HD video version – 1080p with audio (if available)

  • generally speaking, it’s possible even with Savefrom, even against their attempts to stick you with their third party software. To stick it to the savefrom man, you can download the 1080p video mp4 and the 128kbps audio mp4, and then mux them together with something like ffmpeg. in the future i am planning to cover the topic of easily joining video and audio together. if you can do this step – you get the highest definition version of the video, the one that savefrom is hiding from you! I have, actually, checked, and most sites i review do not offer proper 1080p video with audio included.. That goes for Offliberty and Keepvid, for example. While there are, of course, sites that do it, such as Telecharger and Peggo. if you click on any of the last 2, don’t be surprised, i’ve already set the links to pass the Drake’s video to them. so you’ll see right away that 1080p with audio is possible. it takes a few moments for the services to download video and mux it together with audio, but it is free and available.

use youtube-dl as a great savefrom alternative

Step 4. See the video download begin

at this point we just need to wait a little, and depending on the site of the video, it could be in your possession in just seconds. below i have a screen shot of my chrome browser downloading the 1080p soundless video-only version of the video, at a high enough speed. btw, installing that ummy software will not make video downloads go faster.

savefrom step 4 download goes
savefrom step 4 finally download starts

Quick video tutorial: download youtube with savefrom

i have created a short video on how to download youtube video with please, check it out, it’s only 1 minute long. It’s called Youtube tutorial download video with savefrom.

Conclusion (not too good for Savefrom)

Well, what can i say now.. After 4 years is still nice and slick website, with way more traffic now that it used to have, so.. they basically stepped away from helping people, and are helping themselves now. started making money, to put it straight.. So now they try to get your money. First, by offering to install some thirdparty software at all times. Second, by hiding some of the video download options. And then insinuating that they are only possible via that software they are pushing. Or with help of their own Browser Extension.. all in all it’s a bit frustrating.. plus, you cannot get youtube converted to mp3 on this site. another downer, i’d say. it’s Ok to use, it’s safe and has Norton Safe Web badges everywhere for you to make sure. so all in all it’s a nice slick resource. but very limited and pushy with apps..

Reviews of services offered by

We have reviewed complete list of serviced offered by It’s all covered now. If you’re interested to look over all of the reviews related to, please, check out the following articles:


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as mentioned above, i'm preserving this 2013 version of Savefrom Review. Simply because i'd like you to see that this website has been quite consistent over the last 4 years. And thus we can understand it's meteoric rise.. people do not welcome extreme monetizing of the popular resources.. the piece below i originally wrrote in December 2013. 

SaveFrom Review 2013 Version (Legacy)

i am feeling kinda silly.. in my last review i’ve recommended as my main method, at the moment, for youtube and soundcloud downloads.. now it seems the resource is broken and media content is not available.. so it’s time for my next review, and it will be SAVEFROM, or whatever local version it redirects you to. i get it’s quite a cozy site, it claims that it helps people download files from “popular resources”. such as file hosting services (why? because of the limits maybe or something that sometimes those sites impose? i don’t get it though). then video hosting sites, sound streaming sites, all the social sites are there, totaling maybe like 30-40 sites. most of those are Russian sites, because this resource is developed by Russians. makes me kinda proud cause i am russian myself. anyways, let’s get back to the business.

our next pick is SaveFrom – easy to use, clean design, nice!.. logo - claims to help download youtube videos and other videos and sound intro screenshot 1 logo – claims to help download youtube videos and other videos and sound

let’s go to SAVEFROM.NET – it looks bright and inviting and straightforward. there are 2 ways to use the site from right on. First, – by entering your desired video url into the box on savefrom main page right on top. Second, there’s another way – by adding the url into the browser window right after the savefrom.nat/ part, which will look something like this: – although this second method requires a second click, and url should look like….  well, it’s not a biggie, online service works nicely though… finally, get to testing it! as usual i go for my favorite beebs!! haha. justin bieber, some new video there… here’s what happens when i click yellow “Download” button (with the video link entered in the box already, of course)… download youtube videos and sound chose from several formats and sizes savefromnet
savefromnet download youtube videos and sound chose from several formats and sizes and 1080 if any

Savefromnet Video/Audio Download Options

to save us some reading and to speed things up, this screen shot combines what i saw on the next screen. it’s the choice of different formats and also video or audio source to download from. and it’s quite interesting, because apparently audio in 1080 might not even be better than 128kbps? is this correct or the site doesn’t offer the 256kbps option for the audio? i’ve always thought 1080 video on youtube carried 256kbps sound? well, at the moment savefromnet facebook page actually says that youtube is doing something again there changing their formats and stuff. so some of the options will be missing for a while. maybe that is the reason, i do not know. but now we see at least that 1080 video can be downloaded, and audio by itself also sounding quite a good option.. i have clicked those little (i) icons next to the options for download formats and this way shown the info. now i am going to go ahead and click mp4 720 to download.

And video download or video to mp3 conversion begins

yes, we put no more screenshots here, cause that’s where it all ends – file is downloading in my browser. very nice, neat and fast. it’s basically 2 click download. or maybe 4 click.. cause need to click that “more” link if needing more than 2 formats displayed initially.. very nice, quick and easy to use, seriously it might even replace the offliberty for me. it does have commercial advertising, but as it’s a usual thing with these sites. ads are not provided by google, so expect intrusions on their behalf if you click them. it’s only google that cares for the users and won’t insist on providing shitty ads, – so beware with those ads.. don’t trust them saying “you missing flash plugin” when you just came from youtube where you watched videos with that flash plugin… =)

so be careful what you click, but otherwise i think this site gets 5 stars!! and also remember, this article only deals with online savefromnet video downloading, i.e. using their website to do things. next i will write about their plugin, but it maybe after some other review, – i have many lined up. and i do prefer using online based methods for video downloading, it’s kinda safer.. i think savefrom is very safe, it’s safe to use with or without proxy, savefrom pushes no viruses or adware planted in it, so it’s cool to use it, well, at least i do…

savefromnet links and resources on facebook – english (fanpage) on VK (vkontakte) – russian (group)


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