TubeNinja.Net Review & Tutorial, Not a nice site

Today it’s time to talk about, a website that’s trying to be the universal video site, but in the long run, the site only looks overly crowded and kinda full of bs.. To rip the bandaid off, this site does not work as youtube mp3 converter, one cannot convert youtube to mp3 on this site, you can see in the last screenshot of the tutorial, mp3 download link throws you to some completely abandoned website…

Judging by its alexa graph, this site didn’t benefit from youtube mp3 org shutdown back in October 2017. this site was actually losing traffic at that time, so we will not be attributing later gain of it to the fact, but rather we’ll be thinking people started to like this site in january 2018? just kidding.. but maybe some SEO work allowed this site to double its traffic over the last few months.. not bad..

so let’s get to reviewing…

TubeNinja.Net Review

The site is really generic.. It was originally built maybe for 1 source – youtube – and then expanded to work with many other sites, but the final product ends up being convoluted and murky… What i don’t like about there are quite a few things…

  1. this is not an mp3 converter. tubeninja cannot work with mp3, although it boasts the big game and displays the mp3 download link on the download pages.
  2. this site won’t allow 1080p HD downloads. while only a couple of sites do that, this is still something i do not like…
  3. tubeninja can download video from a dozen porn sites. in general this maybe a good thing for people but for the website that displays search results – it’s not a good thing.. in the end, yout top20 videos will be half porn… do a search? half of the results are porn. thanks for covering them with ‘adult content’ boxes, but man…. this is not the way to go… just do search among the safe content…
  4. on pornsite downloader pages, there’s an invitation to convert video to mp3.. WHAT THE FUGG??? why would i be wanting to convert some orgy sounds to mp3??? who would??? that is why i state once again: this is a very generic site whose operator doesn’t care much of what’s going on…
  5. there’s a couple of “download” links that throw you to some malware filled sites… very not nice… isn’t 1 popup per session enough? no.. they are going to milk this site for all its got, doing 5-10 popups per user sessions. WTFugg???

as you can see, this site does have https, so downloading porn flics using this site is kinda safe, no one should be able to know what video you downloaded,.. just the fact that you visited this site..

TubeNinja.Net Tutorial – How to use

as mentioned before, if you’re looking for a good youtube to mp3 converter – this is not your destination. this site can only be used for video downloads.. but for those sometimes it works well. especially with its network of “trick” downloading, where you; just need to add “dl” in front of many site names to be redirected to tubeninja’s video download page. It works maybe for a dozen or two sites that they work with.. not a bad network, although it does involve maintaining 2 dozen extra websites, which is not cheap…

Step 1. Open and look around

click here to visit the site. this is what it look like.. a bit too much, right? too much text, too much graphics, too many like and share buttons.. and there’s still a bunch below the fold, i just didn’t screenshot all of it… in any case, for this tutorial i was not preparing a video, but will rather do a search on the site, which actually allows me to demonstrate more features of this site and discuss them… so…

tubeninja review tutorial step 1 front page
tubeninja review tutorial step 1 front page

Step 2. Try Search for your video

apparently the search they use is amongst the videos that were submitted on their site. so something extremely popular on youtube may not even yet be on this site, so you may not even find it. I searched for “taylor swift” and found… well… just scroll below to see..

2 of the first 6 results were adult blocked??? below there was 8 more blocked.. so for any search you will definitely see blocks and porn being served for results… so basically searching for the stuff you need here will not work. unless you search for big boobs… =)

after some cringing, i selected the second video there.. not real taylor swift, just some cover i think… apparently this search won’t even present you with best fitting results… very very poor.. usually such sites use youtube API for searching… i understand this site works with many other sites that complicates searching… but still… at least hide porn…

tubeninja review tutorial step 2 searching for taylor swift videos
tubeninja review tutorial step 2 searching for taylor swift videos

Step 3. Finally converting…

so here we are… i like this smirk… Working, unlike you… you think you smart?? you funny? maybe i am working… which i actually literally am – writing this article…

tubeninja review tutorial step 3 converting
tubeninja review tutorial step 3 converting

Step 4. Now the download options

not a big selection, only 4 download options. DO NOT CLICK the supposedly fast download button, it is a nasty popup. just go with green buttons.

tubeninja review tutorial step 4 download page
tubeninja review tutorial step 4 download page

Step 5. Proof of download.

nothing to say here.. but i am trying to download mp3 in the next step… keep looking…

tubeninja review tutorial step 5 proof of video download
tubeninja review tutorial step 5 proof of video download

Step 6. MP3 Download Fail

after clicking the mp3 download button – this is where i ended up, on some abandoned site…

tubeninja review tutorial step 6 unknown mp3 converter site
tubeninja review tutorial step 6 unknown mp3 converter site

well… whole experience amounted into getting a video i never wanted, fighting at least 3 popups along the way and visiting an abandoned website for mp3 conversion… very very NOT nice…


tuneninja is not a nice youtube downloader.. if you’re looking for a nice ad-free experience, check out keepvid.. if you want soundcloud music, here’s soundcloud to mp3. and for facebook videos, try this facebook video downloader. but do not visit tubeninja, it’s not a good place to be.. 2 stars… 1 seemed to low.. this site does work, right?…

TubeNinja.Net Review & Tutorial, Not a nice site
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  1. peng88 Reply

    I tried several times. It just kept re-directing to pop up ads. You wasted my f**king time TubeNinja, THAT and the sudden appearance and attack on my food by ants has gotten me pissed the f**k off. The last f**king thing I want is to deal with your unwanted f**king SPAM. I already have to deal with the fact that I can’t punch Trump in his f**king, smug, face. Every day I have to deal with f**kery like this from f**king spammers and scammers. I WANT THEM ALL DEAD!!! NOW!!!

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