Savetube News: Secure Browsing now available via HTTPS

savetube https ssl certificate secure browsing

Hello boys and girls all over the world. Yes, our review blog is popular everywhere. I do not think it’s the translation feature, but rather the content we bring. Or so we want to believe. Why do I always switch from “I” to “we”? I do not know..

On Savetube we really (again that “we”) want you to feel safe. Yes, doesn’t mess around with any video or audio conversions or downloads. We test the services (websites, software and browser addons) that do just that.

And we advice for or against the use of such services. Most articles have thumbs up or down in the end, kinda summarizing what I, the writer, think about those sites. In many cases I am very unwilling to let go of extreme monetization and popups as a consequence.

I do know that sites and programs are available out there without ads or popups or search-bar plugin installs and other nasty tools to profiteer.. That is why I am very impatient if popups stop me from obtaining my goal – video download or video to mp3 conversion.

it all comes down to monetization strategies

There are sites that I approve of, with no ads or very little ads, i do accept none-intrusive ads that are simply static on the page. Pop-ups – pardon me – i cannot leave unmentioned and un-bashed.

The list of good or acceptable sites includes listen to youtube,, ytmp3,,, mp3juices converter, youtube-mp3 clone, and some others. These sites are either new or respect their visitors. Or do not need to monetize their ventures, which sometimes is also the reason for no ads..

Again, this is to my personal opinion and knowledge. Sometimes i revisit a new site in a few weeks after review and it’s full of ads and popups, so  my info and review sometimes gets obsolete and outdated..

On the other hand we have heavily monetized sites that are either riding a popular wave, or simply get traffic steady every day hundreds of thousands of visitors, – why not slam them with ads.. Although, keep in mind: some of those sites do run dozens of servers, possibly having hundreds of dollars of monthly expenditures..

This group includes mp3converter,, youtube to mp4, theyoump3, and many many others. I just don’t like to talk about them and like to avoid them at all costs. plus some of them do not work anymore, like theyoump3.

Savetube now has https for secure browsing

and as usual I have trailed away from my main news item…. 8 paragraphs and 400 words later i return to it.. I hope you like my writing style… Hehe…

And so below is an image of how cool it looks now… Enjoy!! =)

savetube https ssl certificate secure browsing
savetube https ssl certificate secure browsing

Yeah, gotta wrap it up.. have 6 articles lined up. I do want to add, not all of the websites i write about have https versions, or use https in general. It should probably be one of the criteria when i review sites in the future.

I am also dropping the SEO experiment I tried running throughout these articles for several years, embedding names of famous singers and linking to their youtube videos for my tutorials. First of all, I am worried some agency will think I am advocating youtube downloads.

No I am not advocating anything like that. I simply review websites and software, advising for or against use of certain sites and programs. I do not call upon people to download youtube videos. This must be clear.

That experiment was a hope to get some traffic thanks to embedded keywords, but they didn’t play out, probably same as a health blog i started with my sister – google needs lots of time and many article on “bieber” to start sending related traffic…

So, no more bieber or katy perry, now I will start working with “copyright free” videos and songs. They are not really copyright free, but the license they are under allows people to work with them, and downloads are readily available elsewhere, so according to the publisher it’s ok to download them and use them. for more info.

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