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this is about Offliberty, about making video readily available for you, it’s about comfort and easy online video and audio downloads. this is about the liberty to turn off internet and still retain your favorite videos… this is

as of late, I’m coming to believe that one cannot trust software blindly anymore.. one day this one here Best Video Downloader was one of the leading pieces of software to download video and audio from online sources, and the next day what do you know, the site says “thanks for your interest, but the project has been shut down”… but we all know that program itself can still be found on sites like and others… it is not the issue thou with sites that help you get the video from youtube: if such a site gets shutdown, it will be cold turkey, or until rebirth somewhere else.. software though gets purchased easily by a bigger fish, and then shut down.. sites are more like free spirits, they can reappear, while with software it’s usually hard to eradicate the footprints and traces, if it is being taken down.. for big companies it’s cheaper sometimes to buy out the “perpetrator” and quietly shut off the way it was being used…

so here comes – another great way to download online videos. maybe even the best way…, download youtube and any other audio or video source without any problem
offliberty, download youtube and any other audio or video source without any problem

If the Internet bus visits your village only once a week or your grandma doesn’t let you use Internet more than 1 hour a day – is for you.” this is what their site says… basically, trying to righteously prove that big dawgs have no right to only stream their content, that some people are still devoid of fast and cheap internet, that there are other reasons… basically, this is the initial screen, with social links above it and ads below it, at least as of right now.. all we need to do, as is shown here and on the next image – is to enter the video or audio URL and click the OFF button., download youtube audio or video with ease and without any software
offliberty, download youtube audio or video with ease and without any software

what happens next? funny question… offliberty either goes scanning the page you gave it, or says it cannot yet take care of the link. when it happens, you can request an email notification when the site can finally be perused via Offliberty, since it is a nice piece of app, hehe, the site that is, it is manually maintained, new sources are first studied by the offliberty creator, and then skillfully transferred this knowledge into the ripping power.

offliberty, very easy download videos from the tube and soundcloud audio and stuff, very easy download videos from the tube and soundcloud audio and stuff

nice nice, here we get the next screen, where download is already offered, along with a shortlink for the download, which (not always) works for a few hours, or doesn’t work at all.. but who cares, now we can finally download that new Bieber’s video with Nikki Menage, omg, don’t laugh at me if i spell her name wrong… it sounds alot like a porn star name, singe “Menage” is love-sex in french or something like that.. but what’s this, we can only get the audio file here, but not the video??? because video is streamed separately from the audio, these two streams are synchronized by the script that actually plays the sound and video and such.. anyways, while audio is usually easily available, video will not be so fast to give itself up, that is why takes a few more moments to possibly try and download the video and see where chunks of it interchange to then give the downloader a smooth download by replacing chunks somehow, i don’t know, but what i do know, that where some browser plugin fails, where standalone software only downloads first chunk and starts looping on itself, where others fail, Offliberty keeps going and succeeds in most cases!!! so lets try and download the video… now wait-screen has some numbers on it, but the wait is short and here we go, 200MB mp4 of the flick is on its way to your hdd. i must say i don’t download videos that i talk about, they are simply “for example”, of course i am into music, but i like house, progressive, tribal, deep, dark house, d’n’b, breaks, and other styles, and personally i think Bieber is wasting the air on Earth, but it’s only my opinion, and tens or millions or his followers on facebook and twitter will definitely bake to differ, but it’s up to them and i don’t care, but i do care for you to know that i am not a fan, i am just messing around a bit… 🙂

and so it goes, after clicking “I want Video File” link from above picture screen shot, we get the following view, where it’s easy to download either video or audio from the link i initially put in. allows easy download of online stuff for later listening or watching when you have no internet
Image 5 – Offliberty allows easy download of online stuff for later listening or watching when you have no internet

voila!! the thing i miss in this method to download youtube audio and video is the options of encoding the video and audio. simply assumes i want the best and am able to reencode it later at my leisure.. well, yes and no.. maybe i am, but an average user cannot, thus that iphone will hold only 20 videos at their highest quality and biggest file size (easy 200-300MB per 5 minute video with 720p), instead of 200 videos at 240p, but in first case the picture will be oh so clear… so i go with HQ all the time, but maybe someone doesn’t.. oh well, there are other ways to download video from youtube.. check other reviews we have!

generally, as it says below, we strongly encourage the use of this service..  gonna step away from the format and not list features, as there aren’t so many… but still Off liberty is cool, and becoming cooler by day!!


edit: 3 years later one can see that has become one of the top methods to download online video and audio. same as youtube-dl, offliberty is multiplatform, it can be used on any system that has a browser, and it’s managed by others, which means – no worries or personal responsibilities for us! =)


  1. admin Post authorReply

    happens to anything, right? i noticed too, it sucks.. probably something broke down there, and it should be getting fixed sooner or later. i do not know the creators nor am i promoting offliberty – i am rust reviewing methods, that’s all..

    i really do hope though, that they don’t get shut down or something… that would suck balls..

    • admin Post authorReply

      why shut down? have you tried ripping anything else? it works perfectly with all sites BUT soundcloud. what does it suggest? –

      soundcloud team have probably noticed that lots of their music is being downloaded aside from their own player. and so they decided to cut off some obvious ways to download stuff from them, which was used by offliberty. so now offliberty cannot help download stuff from soundcloud, their developers need to catch up with soundcloud. sc have changed their player recently too, it doesn’t load the full 128kbps version anymore, it plays and pre-loads as much as it needs now, probably trying to save the bandwidth and stuff… anyways, that is the reason i think it became easier for them to see if someone downloads the stream or really streams it.

      on the other hand, just checked services like and are still working fine and offering the stream to be downloaded.

      so all in all, i am thinking it’s something on the side of offliberty, the script stopped noticing the stream for some reason, while it is one of the easiest things – download from soundcloud, something isn’t working out on offliberty with that…

  2. Curtis Ripi Reply

    Why does it always say “TRY AGAIN” and it doesn’t even work,anyone know why?

    • admin Post authorReply

      it is explained in comments above. try reading first… it is temporary, most likely.

  3. admin Post authorReply

    so i was right, wasn’t i? offliberty is back and by this i mean – Offliberty is again good to download from Soundcloud. fire away!!

      • admin Post authorReply

        what’s not working? i mean, what site can’t offliberty download again? i just checked soundcloud, the problem was there before, but now it works fine. what link you trying to download? can you post it here?

  4. Mary Reply

    Does anyone know if Offliberty is still running?
    I’ve tried multiple to download multiple videos and always get ‘Content is not available. Try again later’.
    I’m just wondering if it’s a problem with the links I used or that the site is finally out of business.
    If anyone knows please reply, cheers.

    • admin Post authorReply

      just checked, confirming the site is working, tried with youtube static video (downloaded both video and audio) and soundcloud.

      are you trying maybe to download some LIVE videos? those are impossible to do with offliberty.. at some point i promise to start a big series on how to download live videos from youtube and other sites (like vimeo, twitch, dailymotion, etc).

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