Top 10 methods to Convert, Download & Save online Video & Audio

top 10 methods to download & save youtube and other online videos and audio


Here we have for you the Top 10 Methods to convert & download online video and audio.. Most reliable, most diverse and supported methods, including all reviews on the site, whether it is a website or a program, all goes into top 10 youtube downloaders!! We have also decided to run 2 distinct top 10 categories. First, it’s the most universal methods to manipulate online video and audio, including downloading of video, online converting, having multiple options and selections, etc. If you master any of the methods from the first list, you won’t have to look any further. Second, we present easy and fast methods to convert youtube to mp3, or for that case, convert any online video to mp3. That’s it. This list, in our opinion, will have your best options of converting videos from youtube to mp3. Also we accounted for annoyance from authors trying to monetize their methods, from third party software installs to ads to trying to push their paid versions upon users.

Top 10 ways to download online video

  1. Youtube-DL (software)
  2. (website)
  3. (website)
  4. Offliberty (website)
  5. SaveitOffline (website)
  6. (website)
  7. Hooktube (software)
  8. Youtube Downloader HD (software)
  9. Savefrom.Net Helper (plugin)
  10. ConvertInMP4 (website)

As mentioned above, all methods below are universal. Using any of them, you will be able to convert video to mp3 (to many formats) & download youtube video, as well as video and audio from hundreds of other streaming websites. Online methods are really great, because they do all the work for you. All you need is to provide the video URL. While software and browser plugins give much better versatility, more options of conversion and usually can extract video and audio from (significantly) more services.

this list, as well as the one below, is constantly renewed with fresh methods and refreshed ratings and positions. and now…

Top 10 ways to convert youtube to mp3

  1. Youtube MP3 today (website)
  2. Youtube-Mp3-Org (website)
  3. TheYouMp3 (website)
  4. (website)
  5. Online Video Converter (website)
  6. Anything2mp3 (website)
  7. Youtube-mp3 (website) – seems to be missing
  8. VidToMP3 (website)
  9. Offliberty (website)
  10. Youtube-DL (software)

To make this list, method must do one and only thing, – download youtube video as mp3. Or lets rather say be able to know how to convert youtube video to mp3. Youtube-mp3 conversion functionality can be the only thing this site or app does, or one of the 100 things and options this method can provides. Indeed, we only consider the youtube to mp3 here. You can see actually some methods from the list above make the cut again. But about half of new entries do just one thing – download youtube as mp3, service only one site, and are good at that, thus they made this list.. Youtube-DL, the top choice for savetube, now is at the bottom, because it’s not that easy to extract mp3 from youtube using this program.. Might need to install ffmpeg, lame, and other packages.. Savefrom.Net was removed from this list, because 2017 Updated Savefrom review uncovered that video is not offered to be saved as mp3, instead it’s mp4, which is truly not what we’re looking for in this top 10…

Please, use comments section below to tell us what services are nice and easy and/or versatile enough to make our list, and we’ll look into that deeper. Thank You!!!

**updated 20-sep-2017

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