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This article is not favorable. has ridiculous user experience.. So if you’re looking for my step-by-step tutorial – you will not find it in this article. Here I’ll mostly be bashing this site and its setup…

Why do I go after Well, because I really hate dishonesty in online video downloading services. What is falsified about this site? Its ability to download 1080p video from youtube – FALSE! cannot download more than 720p video quality from youtube. Maybe other sites it can, I do not care, youtube is the king…

Horrible user experience on

Below you can see the screenshot of their main page. It’s ugly, it’s very unprofessional.. Took me a moment to realize that the actual video url box is the 4th item in the list of boxes. First one apparently is how you see your browser, then what to do they show… then it’s a box that offers some kind of options. and then again finally the box where you can enter the video URL… check it out: review very unpleasant user experience website review

I’ve blurred out advertising. It’s ridiculous here. Very in your face type of attitude with the ads. They are huge. They do try to trick you into clicking an add, and they have popups. Very bad with all the ads, too many to say the least.

False Video Download Options

On the bottom you can see little tiny box saying “select video format”.. and so i did select 1080p HD video – “FULL HD 1080p” option. Tried one of my goto Bieber’s videos.. I am not even making a screenshot and not linking to anything here. The way it went after – is just eeeh….

Click Download. Next page video shows up. Download didn’t start yet. Option 1080p automatically replaced by 720p. But where’s 1080p? I want full HD as promised. Instead it stubbornly changes option to 720p. No matter what I do.

Oh!! Look at that.. There’s an option to download as mp3. ALSO FALSE!!! I tried several times, different videos. Nothing. At some point my browser told me that this site wants to download multiple files at a time.. So I said OK, since i guess i clicked that download button multiple times.

What’s next? NOTHING! Mp3 download was not possible with this site. After all clicks and multi-download scares, browser told me there was no file to begin with…

Very weird video community thing

There’s also a weird video community thing going on there.. I do not get it, really… First of all has these videos, which are shown as if they are hosted by downvids. No, they are not, they just use their own flash player which hides any links to video source.

This page mimics youtube. Not really clear if it uses youtube date, or just looks like it and does nothing… What videos are there? Some weirdest girl with guns and another one shaking her booty a bit.. Otherwise – very useless, very ugly looking… Truly a waste of time.

Conclusion – DO NOT USE

DO NOT USE DOWNVIDS.NET, it’s not worth it.. too many ads, very bad user experience, ridiculous interface.. 1 star awarded by editor.. very worthless.. Try instead!

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