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This is another one of those sad blog posts. I don’t exactly follow the scene, cause there are so many sites out there, – it’s hard to keep an eye on all of them. Hence just now, weeks after it seems to have happened, I find out that 2 great helpful sites and are broken.

It is quite a sad time for those who used the 2 sites very often. I am even joining the report of the 2 in 1 article cause they were quite similar. While adultoffline was branding as website that allowed you to save porn videos for offline viewing, savido was originally designed as normal online video converter. But thanks to various reasons, mostly users downloading porn, this site kinda ended up displaying lots of sexual “recent downloads”, thus eventually it started ranking for those keywords, the porn downloader ones.

As we can see right now, still works, but doesn’t produce any download links. Maybe owner forgot about the site, and never updated recent youtube-dl big update.. So site is broken. At the same time AdultOffline seems to be having offline issues.. In any case, without further talk and ado, here are the top best alternatives for Savido and AdultOffline.

savvido alternatives
savvido alternatives top 5 best alternatives

Ghm… For some reason site started working for me.. But it is so full of ads, and it times out half of the time, so I guess it does go thru trouble times and all of you need alternatives. Here they are:

  1. Vido – excellent online video downloader
  2. Keepvid – great youtube downloader online
  3. SaveMedia – best place to save youtube videos
  4. Online video converter – name says it all, I suppose
  5. FLVtoyoutube converter & music downloader

These 5 awesome sites have no ads, no popups, no distractions, no malware, no viruses, no registration, no membership fees, all free, all for the people, all are way better than savido is.. And for the remainder, let’s do the AdultOffline alternatives. Just keep in mind, all the sites listed above are video downloaders, so they will work for adult sites too, just give them a try. But for the sake of article, I will write out a special paragraph with other top 5 names I like. top 3 best alternatives

The site downloads online video, so technically any site that does that – can do the same. But branding as adult downloader makes sense, of course, take your niche. Yet, lets list a few sites here that can replace AdultOffline without a second thought.

  1. Get Video – multilingual video downloader with adult support
  2. Y2mate – just a great video downloader online with youtube support
  3. Myvidonline video converter with great instructional blog

Hopefully these 5 + 3 sites can help you out, loss of online video downloaders is always unwelcome, but there are always alternatives..


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