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Today I’m going to unveil the most secret yet one of the fastest ways to download youtube videos and convert youtube to mp3. Well, maybe not the latter, but download audio anyways.. This method is called “SS YOUTUBE“; or sometimes without a space “ssyoutube“, or reversed – “youtubess“. I will dive right into the usage of this method, and later i will share my opinion about it. So… Here are the 2 steps that will help you download youtube videos using the “ss method”. I am actually not sure what people call it in general, i think that’s the right way – “ssyoutube“.

The trick behind SS youtube

the process is very easy. for example, you’re on youtube website and are watching a video that you later decide to have on your device. So you need to download the video. You can use any of the methods described here on savetube. Or, in case that video URL is easily accessible right in your browser window, you can alter it: add 2 letters right in front of youtube in the URL (yes, that’s right, the SS letters), and press enter… So basically, if you were after this video below: (Justin Bieber – Company)

you would need to put two letters – SS – right after the “www.” part after the dot. (try and click this link)

Or to put it differently, right before “youtube”, so you’ll end up having “SSYOUTUBE” in the URL. That will send you away from youtube, to website called, which in its turn will redirect you to the service that does the actual downloading and conversion. And which service is that, you ask? well, it’s our favorite Ok Ok, not that favorite, but still at this moment – June 2017 – SaveFrom is the most popular online audio/video downloader. By the way, please, note: does not make any conversions. It only allows one to download 720p video, if available, or it can let you leech the 1080p audioless video with the webm videoless audio, and then you’d have to mux the two together. We talked about this phenomenon before.

My personal opinion on SSyoutube

As promised, let me rant about this so called video downloading method.. in particular, what i don’t like about it:

  1. This method utilizes SaveFrom.Net, which doesn’t support video to mp3 conversion. If audio only is desired, this way you download “audio mp4“, which is not really comfy (will have to use video player to play this audio file, or convert it to mp3, as an extra step). For the best video to mp3 audio of highest quality i recommend the YOUTUBE-DL best audio hack. Basically running the downloader with “-bestaudio” and then converting mp4/m4a/aac on the fly or after download is complete with special additional format conversion command-line options.
  2. If video is embedded on any site other than youtube, you’d first have to right click on the video and get the video URL. then open new browser window and enter URL there, and then edit URL and add the two letters SS and then press enter, which will redirect you to This process is actually longer than going directly to website and entering video URL into their box there. Seriously, try doing it, you’ll see what i mean.
  3. For video, this method will not offer proper 1080p video (with audio). To get the top quality video/audio, at this point SaveFrom insists that their software is the only way. And their software is a paid one, it needs $40 for lifetime license.. No no no! Thank you, sir! Not for me. If you do want to download the 1080p version of the video (where available, or maybe even 4k – 2160p), i would recommend YOUTUBE-DL command line software. It will automatically download 1080p video (or better) and audio and will merge them together for you into a nice MKV file.
  4. As I’ve mentioned before and how our top 10 downloaders page indicates, SaveFrom is not the best online audio/video downloader, it doesn’t give mp3, it gives soundless video, it pushes its software… Well, not so much of a good experience.. One plus is that there’s no commercials on their website. I guess they are making good enough money from installations and subsequent subscriptions. I actually do this website – – to show people that there are dozens of FREE methods to download and convert online video and audio. If not youtube-dl, cause command line can be confusing sometimes, then at least use Off Liberty for youtube to mp3 conversions, or maybe more monetized but yet more functional (than savefrom) Online Video Converter or Anything to Mp3.
  5. and obviously, this method will only work for youtube. If you are looking to get video from facebook or vimeo – this method will not work.

Conclusion: Don’t Use SS, too much work

So all in all, this SS method is very demanding and messy, it’s only good when you’re browsing directly on youtube, otherwise it’ll require more actions to download video, than going directly to savefrom. In any other case this method is actually more time consuming, than using any other way to download youtube or facebook videos. I am giving this method 2 start, listing it under free websites. Not even androit, cause you know, on the phones now youtube converter wants to be the app, so generally it’s not a browser. Hence it doesn’t directly show the URL and you cannot edit it to change into SSyoutube to initiate the download. And after all this said, I am putting my verdict: Do not use “SS Youtube” method, it only works for, it requires more steps on average to start the download and doesn’t provide you with an MP3. neither it helps with video quality above 720p (for 1080p or better you’ll need to download special paid software, which I DO NOT recommend).

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

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