Flv2Mp3.org’s Complete Transformation (towards software)

flv2mp3.org transformation front page now offers software

Hello! Here comes one more report in series of “youtube downloaders transformations”.. This one depicts rather drastic and completely 180% transformation that happened to flv2mp3.org just recently. Flv2mp3 doesn’t offer online video conversion anymore. In this case we can only speculate what happened, but this is a fact..

flv2mp3.org now redirects to a page of its ownwww.flv2mp3.org/youtube-downloader and that page has only one piece of information on it – “download our software“. As you may remember from our review of flv2mp3 done just half a year ago, it is a spawn of flvto.biz, so they are offering completely same software. Youtube downloader package..

here’s how the page looks now:

flv2mp3.org transformation front page now offers software
flv2mp3.org transformation front page now offers software

Shady software installer, honestly, I do not like it

I tried the software download. When windows asked me if i was willing to allow changes to my computer by this installer, i kinda stopped.. I actually really dislike tiny installer scripts of 200-300 KB that come as a front for something else.. After you allow the installation, they usually contact some server to download some software that will install afterwards.

Please, explain to me, why does there have to be this front? It’s always some shady software that loses its license or whatever that later wants to be installed via some other front installer, etc, etc.. I think, this is not the way to go. If you are offering software install, please, be so kind to let me download it first, scan with antivirus and stuff, and only then install from my pc.

I don’t want your installer contacting some service that’ll give me that software.. Seriously.. From some shady front cover company too… I do not like it. I didn’t like the old flv2mp3.org, and i am not liking this new setup.

flvto performs better, thus flv2mp3’s transformation

I do understand why they are doing it.. Their main project – flvto.biz – is doing way better, it has broken into top 500 most used websites group. All probably thanks to recent demise of youtube-mp3.org, you can see in its alexa traffic report a very upward growth chart starting around september 2017.

So flv2mp3.org, which is barely top 4000 websites now only makes like 5% of flvto’s traffic, and the site there was atrocious, with too many ads, people were reporting it via their browsers, so eventually there was that red screen trying to stop you by letting you know too many others have flagged this site as deceptive.. Download videos from Youtube using a different service, IMHO..

So this is what we have now… Software and not even clear if it has paid version or not… or full of ads maybe? Who knows… Well, who knows, please, report!! =)

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