Closing Down Converter service, Best Alternatives doesn't work anymore step 1

One more great and freshly popular youtube to ytmp3 converter site is closing down. It’s our well known and beloved, which has been google’s goto site for “youtube mp3” keyword and many others.. It’s going to be a big loss!! Here’s what their front page says now: doesn't work anymore step 1 doesn’t work anymore step 1

You can see the message indicates site stopped working about 3 weeks ago. It is still online though.. Why? to continue making money! The site is in top 2000 world’s most visited sites, with a possible easy 300-500k daily visitors. With that much traffic, daily earnings from popups will be counted in thousands..

this article continues series of “Youtube converter sites shutting down”… Started with going down, then it was listentoyoutube missing, then keepvid stopped working, and just recently stopped working.. and i am probably missing a few others in this recount here..

It is funny, really.. Site doesn’t work, but still makes its owner $2-3k per day… hehe.. I’d like one of those, please! Youtube downloader scene is weird… Sites come and go.. Some are making their money for years, some can only go for a few months, before success swallows them.. I mean, their success calls for some cease and desist order, which usually makes owner close the site..

But as I said, i did go in and enter the URL and see the next page announce same thing – no more working! but during this process i closed 4 different popups. that is a lot! site’s owner is actually trying to rape visitors as much as possible.. via popups.. doesn't work anymore step 2 doesn’t work anymore step 2

Site had its quirks.. at some point it was using coinhive’s script to have users mine for cryptocurrency called Monero.. not a nice way to make money, but maybe it didn’;t make anything. plus crypto conversion rate is never a sure thing to rely on, so.. popups.. heh..

well, if you were one of the devoted users of, here are a few alternatives that should replace this site for you.. Top 5 Best Alternatives

  1. Ytmp3 – easy to use, and the name is almost same. try it out, it does have popups, but not so many at least as does now… =)
  2. ListenToYoutube – yet another relic remade anew after shutdown…
  3. Youtube to mp3 converter – give it a try, very easy, light, no ads, check it out!
  4. savemedia website seems quite nice, no ads, maybe now, who knows..
  5. ytmp3cc is also a nice one, provides mp3 and mp4 conversions


let me go over some things i’ve personally learned or have mentioned in this article…

  • will be missed.
  • has only been online for a year before takedown
  • is still online to generate money from ads and popups
  • doesn’t work anymore
  •’s owner is quite greedy =)
  • is yet another site to fall prey to youtube’s term of service…


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