PickVideo.net Doesn’t Work Anymore, PickVideo Alternatives

pickvideo.net website doesn't work anymore message on the site

Hi! Hi! Hi!!! Yes, I agree, it’s been a while since the last post i’ve made. I agree..  I’ve been quite busy last month or two with my sidecar projects, “side gigs”, as they call them. I have some sites and communities to look after. One of the things i’ve done this month is rebuilt my old and still running DJ Mixes Lovers Community, it was long overdue for a revamp…

In any case, I am happy to be back with savetube. Back to the roots, back to covering the amazing youtube to mp3 converter scene.. And things have been rocky here in the last few weeks. Maybe authorities are on the rise again trying to show how good they are at plucking leaks in the internet. Maybe it is just 1 label or some Hollywood film company, but still they had more money than PickVideo.Net… And thus the latter one got shut down, or at least stopped it’s core functionality – youtube downloader and mp3 converter.

Pickvideo.net Best Top 5 Alternatives

  1. New Keepvid still works great! You can download video, audio, mp3, m4a, mp4, anything! check it out, this site works great!
  2. Y2mate is back under another website. This site has a long history of helping the needy internet users to get their video onto their devices.
  3. Youtubnow.com bring yet another clean and nice way to download videos from the internet. Nice site, no ads, check it out!
  4. Ytmp3.cc is yet one of the methods to download video off the internet. Site offers both video and audio downloads and maybe getting too much of that stardom, so it maybe going soon, who knows.. known on wood.
  5. Facebook Video Downloader – i actually came across this nice clean new site, it works for anything, not just facebook. check it out, maybe use it for the next few months, until it’s covered with ads eventually…

Below you will find 2 screenshots.. Both are the living proof of my words… And their words.. Pickvideo.net has been slapped with a cease and desist order, and they have stopped helping us download youtube videos.. Funny, their mp3 converter was just released 2 weeks before the shutoff..

Don’t get me wrong, the site is still there, BUT… it doesn’t work and displays an apology message. This happening is just one of the multitude of sites being shut down. Recently same thing happened with keepvid, it wasn’t closed but stopped working with videos… Same with mutiple other sites.. As a matter of fact, my next article is about youtubemp3.to stopping its youtube downloads as well… That site is also still up. but won’t work for you…

PickVideo is over. Facebook message to prove.

below is the screenshot of pickvideo‘s facebook post notifying about end of proper functioning..

pickvideo.net website doesn't work anymore facebook proof post
pickvideo.net website doesn’t work anymore facebook proof post

Pickvideo Main Page Goodbye Message

this is the view of their main page now, inviting you to visit their replacement project and their social feeds. Sad news indeed…

pickvideo.net website doesn't work anymore message on the site
pickvideo.net website doesn’t work anymore message on the site

Pickvideo.net quick rise to stardom

I am not sure if the site existed before under a different name, maybe not, maybe it was just created a year to half a year ago in 2017.. i don;t know.. But it did fly up to stardom in just half a year, becoming one of top 10k most visited sites in the world.. Maybe that is why pickvideo.net was shut down so fast…

pickvideo-net alexa traffic graph
pickvideo-net alexa traffic graph

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