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Hey Hey. This must be kinda sad news for millions upon millions of people all over the Earth. has gone missing, without any message, site is simply refusing to connect, as my browser declares. has been what seems to be the top youtube to mp3 converter. Site was quite simple, although had lots of advertising on it. It has gone down somewhere in august, I presume.. below is current news Alexa graph, it is showing just a parabolic drop somewhere in late August, early September, as it seems.

Youtube converter sites are going down – It’s a trend

This is not the first site to go down or get taken over recently. Many old and proven sites have somehow malfunctioned or disappeared in last few months. For example, has gone missing. is not responding. was out for a few weeks. is MIA.

And there’s that is not working with youtube anymore… There’s that was taken over by Savemedia. And many others are either suffering or going to. This seems a little fishy to me…

But takedown of has been a part of major RIAA action against it, which after being for a year in court has been resolved in favor of RIAA.. Listentoyoutube has gone down as well..

Hence soaring popularity of random mp3 converter sites

Yes, finally I figured this out. Just recently reviewing my last 2 of 3 sites I have seen just unbelievable growth of traffic over the last month on those sites. Yes, I am kinda nerd this way, I always try to check Alexa ratings of all the sites I review. I know rating is bloated with lies, but it does have a merit to it. So was top 300 sites until it disappeared..

That is why many other sites have grown communities and gained crazy traffic that ridiculously fast: people are searching for new sources to youtube to mp3 convertor. 300 top sites in the world means youtube-mp3 was getting a few hundred thousands daily visitors. And all of them need new home now…

And here I come with my take on …

Top 8 alternative sites

  1. – great, fast site, no popups, very neat and cool
  2. youtubeMP3 – very nice and easy way to download youtube to mp3. no review yet, but it’s obvious – no ads 1 click mp3 downloads beat everything else!!
  3. – great client side youtube mp3 converter, truly revolutionary!
  4. youtube-Mp3-Org – working imitator, best available. most don’t function.
  5. TheYouMp3 – nice site, quick and got 4 star review
  6. – new name for – dirty with ads, but fast
  7. – it is actually is even more popular that was, nice easy to use site with not so many ads.
  8. – easy to use, does the job
  9. Youtube-dl (best audio)  – yes I said it. use software!! you can set it up with proxy and noone will ever know you’re ripping youtube. And it’s developed open-source by a bunch of people, so it always has updates…

Also check out following articles: online video converter, theyoump3, flv2mp3, yttomp3, ytmp3, flvto, listen to youtube.

For more methods to convert youtube to mp3, please, check out my Top 10 page. It includes other methods, which I find sometimes more preferable. Such as software (youtube-dl is the best) and browser plugins. Thanks for reading this! Please, leave a comment, tell me what you think about all this situation…


  1. Michelle McCown Reply

    You might as well use a stable and powerful desktop YouTube to MP3 converter. And WonderFox HD Video Covnerter Factory is such a useful tool.

  2. Michelle McCown Reply

    There are many other useful online YouTube to MP3 converters ,as well.

  3. coddy lady Reply

    I would like to suggest adding a page. In addition to the function to download videos from youtube, it can also convert mp3 from youtube video.

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