Undergoes Drastic Change, Stops its Core Function

keepvid drastic change no more video downloads does not provide youtube download or mp3 conversions anymore. please, use instead

Here at savetube our function is to inform the hungry youtube video downloader community about the news on what’s happening in the “scene”. And the most recent news is that is no more a place to download online videos.

As you may know, I am into numbers, so my number crunching here says following: something or someone, some institution perhaps, have caused keepvid to abandon their earlier strategies and abandon whole video downloading process. Plus they do not push the software they advertised for 1080p HD downloads before.

keepvid alexa traffic graph
keepvid alexa traffic graph

Above is the Alexa Rating for keepvid. One can see the site is top 1200 world’s biggest, while lost some traffic, they are still strongly in the biz, and are probably hoping to stay there. By providing us with information?? Come one, if this was a big secret, my blog would have been a super visited knowledge center about many sites that do video downloads and mp3 converter.

Keepvid’s Change is for the better? Doubt that…

While website is still up and running, it’s basically useless, here’s what it looks like now. With some statistical data on what where, well, we know, youtube gets most video downloads, and most videos that get mp3 converter treatment are from youtube.  Websites like ListenToYoutube exist for that reason, i do not see ListenToFacebook websites… although facebook video downloader sites are getting more and more popular…

keepvid drastic change no more video downloads
keepvid drastic change no more video downloads

Anyways, I can rant for many paragraphs to come about how i disapprove of this.. But i maybe am forgetting about the juridical side of the matters.. Maybe because their site has gotten so popular, they were targeted by RIAA or other institution full-of-itself & stupid.. And decided to cut losses sooner, because it’s hard to withstand big dawgs’ onslaught..

Another indication of this change being probably permanent is the banners on the site. Before when software was pushed, they had no banners, no distraction from their ultimate goal of having you pay for subscription to this software….,

And many did, as appears to be. I’ve browser keepvid’s social accounts, and they are full of claims that keepvid ignores premium users, offers no support, no refund, doesn’t answer emails.. In one word, keepvid is hiding and staying low to wait something out,.. In the meanwhile, check out this Soundcloud to mp3 converter

Let’s hope this is in something temporary, but if not, here are the

top 5 keepvid alternatives

  1. Youtube to Mp4
  2. SaveFrom
  4. Converto
  5. 2conv


  1. Mary Reply

    keepVid doesn’t work anymore. I think its better to use Acethinker’s video keeper for you to download videos on all websites.

    • admin Post authorReply

      i think you never read my article and just commented and left.. cause your comment summarizes my whole article… well, except for the software recommendation part.. i recommended other websites.

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