2conv.com – Review, Tutorial, Some Ranting Included

Today I’d like to review another site that’s drowning in crazy traffic since youtube-mp3.org was taken down and millions of its users had to find new methods to download and convert youtube to mp3. The little chart below taken from Alexa shows (now – the dawn of October 2017) how crazy their traffic went up..


This is one of the resources that’s been getting lots of popularity, and here I’m trying to catch a nice wave of google’s search traffic as it happened with my review of off liberty 3 years ago, when my blog was getting 10-15k daily visitors all going to check out the review.. Would be nice to have that much traffic again.. So i write.. =)

a few words about 2conv.com (review)

as you might know, i write independent reviews. i’;d like to get paid to write them, but so far i haven’t had, so all of my words are sincere and carry my real thoughts on the matters i talk about..

And so i must go ahead and say my part about 2conv.com… first thing is ads. as usual. popups happen when you click anywhere in the page for the first time.

second, it actually does youtube HD download!! i thought at first and was happy… to find another one that allows 1080p.. and no.. claimed HD is only 720p. very sad indeed. so far my quest for 1080p downloading falls very very short of resources that do it..

it also has some kinda “shops” link in the menu. this is a first. on top of all greedy ads, this site actually offers you to go elsewhere to shop.. very funny and smart.. here you are, coming to this site to get free download of a youtube video that you don’t want to pay for.. and here they are offering you to go buy something somewhere… not too smart.. =)

another thing they do offer you to download flvto.biz youtube downloader software. So not really clear, are they a part of FLVTO group of sites, or just doing the monetizing? in any case, 2conv.com has gained a ridiculous 400% of traffic over last 2 months.. we are living in the exciting times, when nobody can become the king in 2 months time… =)

2conv.com step by step tutorial

today we’re going to download Sorry not Sorry by Demi Lovato. so let us visit 2conv.com and see what their front page looks like

Step 1. Open 2conv.com and enter the video URL

here below you can see how the site looks for me when I open it. front page not too crowded, it does have an ever-changing list of Most Watched Today videos… Every page refresh presents a new list.. excuse me… top 5 much?

2conv.com review tutorial youtube converter step 1 open front page
2conv.com review tutorial youtube converter step 1 open front page

and so we enter our video url into the white box.. orange-red boxes to the right indicate where to click. Right there you can also change final conversion format to mp4, mp4 HD (720p max), avi, etc. click the CONVERT button.

Step 2. Wait for conversion to happen

to complete, rather.. anyways, here’s what i am seeing for a few seconds mp3 is converted:

2conv.com review tutorial youtube converter step 2 converting
2conv.com review tutorial youtube converter step 2 converting

Step 3. Now download youtube as mp3 from 2conv.com

very quick conversion, very easy page shows up where you can download the mp3. or mp4. or avi. whatever you chose before.

2conv.com review tutorial youtube converter step 3 download your converted video mp3
2conv.com review tutorial youtube converter step 3 download your converted video mp3

again we have big red button. quite hard to miss it. download happens pretty fast for the mp3. for attempted mp4 HD of this video download i’ve received a 50MB file with a slow 2 minute download.. too slow if you ask me. 

2conv.com quick 1.5 minute video tutorial

check out my short 1.5minute video on how to use 2conv to convert a youtube link to mp3.


just another generic youtube to mp3 site. don’t know what google sees in this one, not a very good representative of the trade for the first page in google results for “youtube to mp3” keyword. giving this site 3 stars. it’s not too annoying with ads, also it does produce popups on click. But otherwise it’s not too bad. What do you think about this as mp3 converter?

2.3/5 - (3 votes)


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