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In this article I will be reviewing flvto.biz (which redirects from flvto.com). I will be trying to download this youtube video. This time I am changing my writing style and technique. For the first time I will do the flvto.biz tutorial first. Then i will go on to my thoughts about this method to download and convert youtube to mp3. This way you can get the information you seek before reading all my usual ranting. So let’s get to it.

How to use flvto.biz (step by step tutorial)

as usual, we first go and grab the URL of the video we want to convert to mp3. Or download. This website allows both. I am using Yandex browser for the interaction with the site.

Step 1: Enter video url on index page

Watch out for the BIG RED ARROWS, they will indicate top to bottom where to enter stuff, which button to press after which. Here we find textbox in the big wavy orange thing, then either CTRL+RightMouse and then pick “paste” or click in the box and press CTRL+V to insert the video URL.

flvto.biz review tutorial step 1 enter url
flvto.biz review tutorial step 1 enter url

Step 2: Select the conversion format

Indicated by the red’n’blue arrow (top red arrow still shows where to enter the video URL), you can see it says MP3 there. Click on that and you’ll see small drop down menu, offering conversion formats: Mp3, Mp4, Mp4 HD, Avi, Avi HD. I’m not sure who still cares for avi, it’s a relic of the past…

flvto.biz review tutorial step 2 select convert option format
flvto.biz review tutorial step 2 select convert option format

Step 3: Convert video to mp3 with FLVto.biz

Here we just click that [Convert To] button shown in Step 2, and then we wait. Site takes a whole lot of time converting, which is customary for sites that convert video to mp3. If you are downloading audio “as is”, you’ll get it instantly, but then it’ll be webm format or m4a (at best). This one gives the mp3. So here’s what you’re going to see while waiting – the progress indicator.

flvto.biz review tutorial step 3 midscreen conversion progress indicator
flvto.biz review tutorial step 3 midscreen conversion progress indicator

Step 4: Download converted mp3 (or mp4)

Now we come to the most important step. Here we can download the mp3, or mp4. I do both. I click on Download button for the mp3, then click browser back button, go back to front page with the entered video URL. And select MP4 as my download format. And click download. Please, watch out for the two buttons i’ve crossed out in the screenshot. One supposedly offers to download file with their own downloader software, – do not click, you’re in the browser, it can download the file on its own. Now to the right there’s a button that supposedly sends you this mp3 as audio ringtone.. Don’t trust, don’t press! It redirects to some awful website, noone wants to be there, and video is not entered there… anyways, don’t use this functionality, it’s useless..

flvto.biz review tutorial step 4 download converted mp3
flvto.biz review tutorial step 4 download converted mp3

Step 4.5: (just a) proof of download screenshot

Here we have just a quick proof that download happens after clicking the download button marked above with red arrow. You can see both mp3 and mp4 downloaded. If you cannot find your downloads, click CTRL+J in the browser and it will show downloads page, where you can right click on any download and select “Show in folder” option.

flvto.biz review tutorial step 4.5 - proof of slow download
flvto.biz review tutorial step 4.5 – proof of slow download

Just wanted to mention, not sure if it is me or happens with everyone.. Download speed was really slow. I was able to start mp4 download while the 5mb mp3 was downloading. Download took several minutes for the video, 2 minutes for the audio. It’s normal of course. Only i think OffLiberty.com does things much faster.. But, it’s up to you which service to use. This one is also quite nice.

Step 5. Download to dropbox option on flvto.biz

Then I tried the 2 nice option listed there – Email and Dropbox. First, email option will only send you the link. It’s useful if you want to download same video to a different device, smartphone, etc. the site doesn’t email you the file. Flvto.biz offers this other option which I haven’t met before, and decided to try it out. “Dropbox” option offers you to download mp3 or video directly to your dropbox account. I thought it was a nice idea, since today more and more people use dropbox for their files. I know my sister even uses paid account. Anyways, I tried and the image below shows where dropbox supposedly knows about the file and offers where to save it.. And then nothing happens. I tried this and that, different formats, different folders to save to – nothing.. Save to Dropbox option doesn’t work on flvto.biz. So sad.. maybe it’ll work when you are reading this and it gets fixed by then, who knows.. Try it out. Flvto.biz doesn’t actually ask for anything..

flvto.biz review tutorial step 5 trying out dropbox option no luck though
flvto.biz review tutorial step 5 trying out dropbox option no luck though

With the 2 red arrows above I indicate where to click first for dropbox option, and then Save button on what looks like dropbox page.. But as I said, nothing worked, half hour have passed and I didn’t find any new files in my dropbox.

FLVto.biz (flvto.com) review and ranting

Here we come to my favorite part, where I mention whether i liked the service or not. I actually liked flvto.biz, it’s OK to use it to convert online video to audio. While other shown functionality doesn’t work, the mp3 I downloaded was actually 192kbps bitrate. That is a bit too much for the 128kbps stream youtube offers, but it’s still very nice, not 320kbps over-bloated files.. Then again Mp4 HD option downloads the 720p version of the video, even that 1080p is available. But as we know from such downloaders as Savefrom.net or SaveitOffline – youtube offers 1080p as soundless video (accompanied by [videoless] sound track), and very few of the online video converters can actually combine 1080p video and audio to make it a normal 1080p video with sound. Neither can flvto.biz. But oh well, we do know that youtube-dl downloads best video with audio, so… keep your options open.. =) This method will most likely enter out top10 methods to download and convert online video, cause it’s pretty nice, even with all of its shortcomings.

It’s OK to use flvto.biz (flvto.com)

Thumbs Up - Approved by SaveTube for safe use

And mind my saying, I usually rant how sites are overly monetized. This one is too, but at least they use anchor-type ads that pull up on the bottom of the screen, top ad wasn’t even working, and side ads weren’t in the way. Very nice. But then I realize, they are also offering standalone software youtube downloader, but not too many get it probably, so they are using both methods to monetize the traffic – ads and installation. Well, they do have maybe 100 times less visitors than savefrom.net, so… Where savefrom can just rely on installs (each one gives $20 per year i think, which is simply not possible to earn from 1 user clicking ads, software install monetization is always the biggest payout), flvto cannot, they want money from ads. well, at least those are not intrusive ads. Although it did try a popup ad on my computer, which i closed right away, but that was a bit annoying.. All in all i award this mp3 converter and video downloader a 4 star rating. It’s good, but slow and heavily monetized.. And dropbox wouldn’t work, which sucks..

Also, you may have noticed my earlier article about FLVto.biz domain expiring on June 18th and how i thought it would be free-for-all. Well, it didn’t get to that. The domain owner have renewed the domain and all went on as before. But the site was absent for a week or so. Which should actually help me remove another star, but oh well, site looks nice and has charts of videos downloaded, so it’s quite a nice find. And don’t forget, any website we discuss is OK to use on Android or Iphone to download/convert online video. As long as you see the green thumbs up. =)

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