– Savido Online Video Downloader – Review & Tutorial quick review and tutorial step 2 enter video URL and click download has caught my eye recently, I thought i’d found a nice new site to review.. And I am reviewing it, but the review is not so nice… I didn’t like this site, it has very very poor design and very few download options, without any indications of sizes or audio presence…

Then I noticed site has no secure access, https is not working.. Then I noticed a bunch of other negative things… Well… One thing i don’t get is why people keep using it.. But i think I do know… Read more below. Here’s the alexa traffic graph for this site, it seems like it’s growing its user base, but I do not get why… It’s a nasty site…

savido alexa graph traffic
savido alexa graph traffic

We can see from this graph, that site didn’t get any extra boost of traffic after has gone down, obviously, because it doesn’t deal with mp3 conversion…

Savido.Net Honest Review

Yeah, honest review here… well.. what should i say… Site is full of p0rnographic links… Well.. I don’t know what to say here.. Last time i tried and reviewed a heavily p0rn-associated site (a few years back) – i had some problems with google advertising on that article.,,

was not good times.. So i hid it for a year or two.. brought it back.. Freedom of speech, beach! =) So with this one i will not worry, but i will put zeros in p0rn, just to throw google off the scent.. I am not talking about p0rn here, i am just frustrated that it is so much in your face on this site…

I review sites for youtube mp3 conversion and video downloads. I do understand that p0rn industry is wide and lots of those videos can and should be downloaded and rewatched in dark quiet rooms.. Anyways, let’s forget about that and get on with the review… What else can i say here?

Well, not too many popups, as a matter of fact, i don’t think there were popups.. Good. But then the front page is stuffed full of these thirdparty ads, that don’t look good, rather again – p0rnographic… there’s even a button to allow MORE WORK UNSAFE VIDEOS??? isn’t there already enough of those on their front page? ghm….

and finally, no video to mp3 conversion available here. As you see in tutorial, video download is scrambled with stupid repeat of video info. why?? if i wanted that, i can read it on youtube… I’m here to download the video. So I go ahead and …. 1080p HD download comes without audio. 

Site owner didn’t even care to indicate that their 1080p HD downloads do not include the audio track. As usual, i must say, noone wants to work that magic of ffmpeg and combine audio and video together.. Noone except one site –, which allows for proper 1080p HD downloads.

If you’re looking for a reliable 1080p HD (and 4k too) video downloader, – cannot put your trust in websites, they don’t want their servers to be overwhelmed muxing audio and video together. hey want you to do it. Have to get some software for that, something like Airy Youtube Downloader (for mac) or youtube-dl for windows and linux. Step by Step Tutorial

for the tutorial part we will try and download Copyright-Free (OK to download) release from NoCopyrightSounds – JPB – Get Over You (feat. Valentina Franco). So let’s proceed to the tutorial. I do not like this site, but I am being fare and just, and if you’re willing to use this site – then here’s how:

Step 1. Open front page and look around

Click here to open the site, use right click and open in new, or ctrl+left click.. In any case, you can see, site is looking nice, but something bothers, right? Yes, links from the bottom. Those are not their download, those are just ads… Also see top red arrow shows there’s no https.. quick review and tutorial step 1 open front page quick review and tutorial step 1 open front page

Step 2. Enter video URL and press Download

Very straightforward here. Just put in you video link and press red download button quick review and tutorial step 2 enter video URL and click download quick review and tutorial step 2 enter video URL and click download

Step 3. Now select the format you want to download

and while doing so, please, remember, the top 2 formats say 1080p HD but they do not have audio included. If you want audio with this 1080p HD video – you will have to use a standalone software package, something like MacX YouTube Downloader. Because it’s way easier to simply use the software, as opposed to downloading video and then audio and then muxing those 2 together..

Only pros can do that, and guys that made macXdvd (Digiarty) – are very good at that. Not only they let you get 1080p HD with audio, they will also assist downloading 4k videos!!! Thus – the software.

Below is the screenshot of several video downloading formats. Just get the 720p or smaller.. 1080p HD downloads without audio and is pretty much useless… quick review and tutorial step 3 chose-your download format video only quick review and tutorial step 3 chopse-your download format video only

Step 4. Proof of download

here’s a screenshot of the video being downloaded. Also please note the fail – file is called videoplayback.mp4. How hard is it to just use google redirector for proper file naming? Ytmp4 had this problem, but after my review – fixed it, did it the proper way. Good job!! quick review and tutorial step 4 proof of download quick review and tutorial step 4 proof of download


thumbs down circle

Barely 2 stars from the savetube editor.. Not a good site, poor user experience, no https, no 1080p HD video with sound, no youtube to mp3 converter, nothing is good about this site. It has heavy ads, with lots of adult content, it is not a safe place to visit while at work.

And generally speaking, this is a very sad excuse for a resource… If you’re looking for best youtube mp3 converters – check out 2conv or y2mate, or maybe even For video download even savefrom or keepvid are way better, and those are not the best video downloading sites really….

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