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In this article, this monumental section of savetube, i’d like to present you with the list of all clones & imitators. In 2 words, all the vultures that have swooped in on the day that original went down, somewhere early Fall, 2017…

There are actually quite a few of them, some I’ve mentioned on savetube or have somehow associated with.. Others have bombarded me with review requests or comments trying to get backlinks.. In any case, here’s the list of youtube mp3 org imitators as i see them.

Mind, this doesn’t have to be a 100% clone of the original. But it must be a website that is either a clone or a name domain clone, in some way, basically – any website that has intentionally benefited from disappearance of That memorable day in late September 2017 mp3 converter world have suffered a great blow..

Bastard Children of

So this list has every website that I personally consider have benefited from association or imitation, or have indicated that to me personally, and since may have changed the website to look differently, but initially these are the sites that do this thing… And the order is what i consider more successful ones first, then less, to unsuccessful, trafficless ones in the end..

has similar design to the original, but the texts have been updated and translated a new. has secure https browsing enabled, no popups (yet?), some ads, works quite well with several download options. my favorite of all..

text is original, site has come up in september 2017, it is actually on a downward spiral now, seems to be… heavily monetized, popups everywhere… no https.

this site actually claims to be the best imitator. and while not the best, obviously, it still rakes up the most traffic, afaik. besides this site had several attempts under different domain names, which eventually were all redirecting to this name, thus a steep upward graph on alexa.. no https, or at least it’s not finished.

site claims to be the best copy as well. while a great idea has users’ browsers do the mp3 conversion, it’s also not the best idea having your users mobile devices convert video to mp3… that’ll take time and energy… at first i endorsed this method, now i see its flaws.. does have secure https browsing though.

imitator that claims to be ad-free for crypto-donations… otherwise looks serious. maybe review will come their way at some point..

And their children, too…

some people want to make a copy of the original, and instead they go and make copy of the first site i listed – – and from that a whole new level of mess happens… for example… – made a copy of with updated texts from, so this site is actually a grandson of the original one… – quick-sprout imitator clone is already offline… didn’t take off…

maybe there are others… please, submit in comments, and they will be added to this list!

ps. in this article i am not vouching for any of the sites cited. this is only a list of all clones and imitators of a disappeared site.. nothing more.. youtube to mp3 conversion is a profitable business avenue…

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