www.youtube-mp3.org – taken down, sued by RIAA

youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio logo

UPDATE September 2017

youtube-mp3.org has gone down. it was sued, as i have mentioned in June. Now lots of people are looking for new places to convert youtube to mp3. It’s no surprise, one site goes down – 10 more come to replace it. Hydra style! =) But honestly, check out my article in the blog about this whole situations with sites going down and best youtube-mp3.org alternatives left out there. mp3 converter front is suffering losses.. =)

UPDATE June 2017

youtube-mp3.org still exists, but it is no good for USA anymore, it will tell you something about jurisdiction, so probably they got scared or sued or whatnot. So anyways, if you’re in USA and possibly other places around the world, you won’t or might not be able to use this service.

youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio logo
youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio logo

And here it comes… Something that i thought i’d avoid, the process of saving online videos as audio format files, this allowing one to listen to the music, instead of watching the video, maybe use this youtube-mp3 on your phone while at home, download the mp3 at high speed using home connection, and later play it and enjoy it. Avoid, well, i am not a fan of saving audio from the video, and i have my reasons. first it’s hard to determine sometimes what is the bitrate of the audio, how to save the mp3, was it just 128kbps and i will over-encode it like 180% extra filesize increase if i do save it at 320kbps? some programs do this as 256kbps for 720+ youtube videos, for less – 128kbps. is this how youtube keeps the sound? is it not? i am not sure, i am just a normal user, that tries new things, cause is capable of neutralizing bad programs and spies and stuff, if ever get affected by some virus or adware. i mean, i won’t get scared if something goes wrong, i strive to fix things.. but let’s get back to youtube-mp3.org – click here ->> www.youtube-mp3.org <<- to be redirected to their site, it’s quite safe, below comes the initial screen, it’s not pretentious, it only has one box to put the youtube link into, and it has 3 ads on the page… apparently site is one of the top 1000 sites in the world, maybe even top 800 sites, pretty popular, as is the idea of youtube to mp3, or online video to local stored audio rather.. 🙂

www.youtube-mp3.org first look

youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio-screenshot 1 initial page
youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio-screenshot 1 initial page

pretty easy choice, enter Video URL into the box and click CONVERT VIDEO. if you do not comprehend English, there are 2 dozens of translations of this site into other languages. so at this point we just go ahead and put the link, i go for my all-time favorite Justin Bieber, and click the button, and see what happens…. A quick “processing video” screen shows and here’s what we have now: a small screen comes up on top where we have the “download” link, which needs to be clicked and download will begin. very easy, very fast, very commercialized, well, what else do you expect, my blog is also trying to squeeze some ads into every possible corner.. =) nothing to brag about…

youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio-screenshot 2 actual mp3 download
youtube-mp3.org save online video as mp3 audio-screenshot 2 actual mp3 download

Pros of using youtube-mp3.org

  • very fast and easy to use
  • no adware or at least browser’s internal ad blocker can stop the popups, i haven’t had any at the time of review
  • ads seems not to be advertising adware or anything or viruses save me from those please
  • puts filename as video title – nice
  • youtube-mp3.org has browser plugin, check on their site, if decided to user it permanently

Cons of using youtube-mp3.org

  • too many unrelated ads…
  • it doesn’t offer any options for the mp3, although it is well known that audio coming with 720 or 1080 video can easily be 256kbps, while youtube-mp3.org is trying to help, it actually limits the choice, so i still find savefrom.net or offliberty.com better than this site for mp3s, athough these 2 are for video downloads..
  • no others cons, really…
  • oh yes, one would ask is youtube-mp3.org legit/legal? probably not… =)
  • only works on youtube…


  1. Al Curtis Reply

    I think you answered this, but I’m just curious…there is no malware that can be downlaoded from this right? My computer is a piece of crap as it is, and I dont want anything on it. I’ve used it before, but I was using college computers, (so it was nexer my problem XD). But now, it’s my computer. So I do care.

  2. admin Post authorReply

    it’s an online service, such services usually carry no threat except “suffocation by commercial ads”

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