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Ustream Logo - download youtube tube hd savetube
Ustream Logo - download youtube tube hd savetube
Ustream Logo – download youtube tube hd savetube

So there’s this site which sometimes has some nice video data, i am usually interested in long DJ performances, livesets recorded and ripe for the streaming. Beatport usually has some kind of sessions that they post on Ustream, some nightclubs all over the US stream their club night live via Ustream, it’s a nice platform, mainly for the live video broadcasting. Youtube is more for static video, and Ustream is for live, and i can see lots of companies and institutions and all kinds of organizations are streaming our whole world via here i have one nice link to try with the downloading services, i am planning to find out: what online service can be used to download video from if this interests you too – it’s the right place to stop!! =)

and so i go for a liveset from 2012, it was easily available in Popular videos, – it’s Paul Van Dyk playing at the beatport’s studio. very nice set, very nice video, all dj play is visible. anyways, what do we have here? 2 hours long video, which is also 720MB in size as a file on hdd. so this is how much we transfer online to watch the video – pretty damn alot, right? so we’re going to try and download this video with the five following online methods, all of which can be seen in this list: Free Websites to download Youtube Videos

Keep-tube vs

very fast and easy, keep-tube cannot do anything with!

KeepVid vs

this fine service does not help when it comes to downloadind – it simply cannot detect any video on the page… =(

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SaveFrom vs

another disappointment, savefrom is my favorite method of getting the videos off of the sites like vimeo, youtube, dailymotion, and here – well, let’s just say: hopefully savefrom will be able to process videos in the nearest future. the matter is, such a video has to be saved first on the downloading server. and then and only then transferred to you, since flash plugins can detect what is streaming and why, and programmers trying to protect their assets by not letting you in.. well, it’s up to them… i guess… to implement it.. but i;d expect it from savefrom… why not.. not considering ustream is a loss for them..

ClipConverter vs

very nice start, the situation looks like it’s going to work out… and no…. as we can see, step 1 goes and goes for maybe 4-5 minutes, very slow, server is trying to download the video from, and after just a few minutes it actually fails and offers me to download a 45MB version of the file, just first few minutes of the performance, so theoretically ClipConverter can download, but it has to be an smaller file. or less busy time, although here it’s 1 am… check out below this little gallery depicting how i tried and failed to download video with this is actually one time using clipconverter actually makes sense, – since it has to download whole video before passing it to you, why not have it convert the video to the format you want?.. if you want something else, of course. i do find that seeking and shifting through an FLV format flic back and forth actually takes way longer, than if it was mp4s..

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Offliberty vs

After the initial entry of the link to download, offliberty took its sweet time and went for about 6 minutes without any changes. then Offstep 1 percentage started increasing… on 15th minute i see 100% on Offstep 1 and Offstep 2 has started counting up. yes, the video’s file size is 700MB, so it is understandable why the process is taking so long.. and oh well, it’s been just under 20 minutes, and the final screen is here and it offers us simultaneously to take mp3 (to save ustream as mp3) or the video itself, and the wait was worth it, i can say that, because the video i am downloading now is 720MB, thus proving that so far offliberty is the only method to download from (without any problems). use ofliberty if you want to download and save a video from

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this is not a normal review i do, so there will not be a section with thumbs up or down, i am not reviewing a site or software, i am just checking which method will work there, and the only one possible method is found and noted. and not let’s just do it, use it and enjoy it!! and since we;re using online methods, this ustream download will work on mac as well as it does on pc. 

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