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my last review was about Savefrom – the website, the online method for downloading video and audio from youtube and many other sites and file hosting services. I’ve been quite enjoying using the site, since i’ve been forced to it by the recent bug in offliberty and its refusal to download stuff from soundcloud. i mostly need these tools for audio downloads. but every now and then i download live rave or concert recordings or some festival livesets and dj mixes. also many DJs these days use youtube to promote themselves. they don’t share videos per-say, they just have their continuous 1-2hr dj mix uploaded to youtube to be used as music player. some do get hundreds of thousands of plays… no matter, pardon my babble, and lets talk about this nice plugin that is offering alongside its online service – helper browser addon.. helper browser plugin chrome firefox safari opera iexplorer download videos from youtubeInstalling Helper

this is quite easy, but as usual i want to show you a few screenshots (or their fragments, rather) depicting the process of installation and the latter usage. and frankly, this is the hardest part in the process. and don’t get me wrong, helper download and install is very fast and easy. simply click one of these two links :

Multi-Browser Install helper plugin download youtube vk soundcloud video audio installation screenshot 1 helper plugin download youtube vk soundcloud video audio installation screenshot 1

i am going with the multi-browser option, it simply saves a few steps that i’d need to take to install the helper extension into every browser separately. it offers installation into the 3 major browsers: chrome, firefox, safari… this is shown on the screenshot below. please, note, browser windows must be closed at the moment. also i’ll say this is the easier method, even if you just need one of 3 the browsers. why? it’s an executable file that is a program that acts outside of browsers thus can impact them stronger and get in deeper. thus program asks no questions and you get your stuff installed easily and worry free.

Indeed, it is also possible to download only the plugin you want for single browser. although installation becomes somewhat way harder for an inexperienced user.

Single Browser install (Chrome) helper plugin download youtube vk soundcloud video audio installation screenshot 2 helper plugin download youtube vk soundcloud video audio installation screenshot 2

for example, in Chrome you’ll need to open the options, then extensions page. and drag-n-drop there the file that you downloaded. on the page you’ll also see some links to additional details pages. saying, for example, that pages with multiple mp3s embedded on can be handled by the helper browser plugin only. They will not really work with the online service.. here’s another look at how it is installing… this screenshot also shows where to click if you want 1-browser extension (or simply scroll down).. when installation begins, make sure to allow the program to make changes to your computer, if it asks. voila, we’re ready to download youtube, vk, soundcloud video and audio..

as i’ve mentioned, i’m fairly excited with this plugin, it allows for very easy seamless downloading, and i will show you exactly why i think so in the next few screenshots.. Helper x Soundcloud

lets start with the most asked question lately: what is the best way to get music from Soundcloud, since Offliberty seems to be failing to do so.. and the answer is very simple – Helper on Soundcloud is amazing! helper plugin download video audio from soundcloud screenshot 3 helper plugin download video audio from soundcloud screenshot 3

here’s a great example – on every soundcloud page you will see a little red arrow download icon button next to all like and share buttons. click it, and the 128kbps version that you hear when you click play will be quickly downloaded by your browser. as a wonderful benefit compared to Offliberty, Helper will actually name the mp3 properly, as it is named on the page or in the embed. So you don’t need to CTRL+C it and the paste it into the savefile dialog.. so far i am thinking – this is the best way to download music from soundcloud. very much recommended. checked in all  browsers, except MS IE. Explorer not supported by Helper?

Savefrom helper x Youtube x Youtube mp3

check this out – very easy: first we click the Download Link marked with one red arrow, a small display appears with 2-3 options. if you want more – click the More button (shown with the second red arrow). now i am doing Justin Bieber as always, so this one with Nicky Minaj but well who cares, some buzzoms, lolz.. anyways, see how it offers FLV download, MP4 (with 480 and 1080 versions – without audio), mobile WebM and 3GO formats, with Youtube Audio Links on the bottom. click on any round (i) sign for more info – the size, of course.. download youtube video and music safe and easy with SFH. here’s how it worked for me: helper plugin download video audio from youtube screenshot 4 helper plugin download video audio from youtube screenshot 4 helper x DailyMotion

nothing to say here but same stuff: click Download link, see menu appear below, with different video options and formats. as it stands, audio download from dailymotion is not possible with here’s  how it looks: helper plugin download video audio from dailymotion screenshot 6 helper plugin download video audio from dailymotion screenshot 6

Savefrom helper x x VKontakte Music

this is only possible with the Helper extension. online methods will not work on VK, only direct navigation to the page with your browser and working from there… it’s really nice and easy to download music from VK. simply look out for the little Down Arrow (marked with my Red Arrow) to the right of the track name and performer, right next to the add-to-playlist big plus sign. if you hover mouse there above any arrow icon – you will see the actual file size and estimated bitrate. here’s how it’s easy to get VK music: helper plugin download video audio from vkontakte music download screenshot 5 helper plugin download video audio from vkontakte music download screenshot 5 helper x Vimeo

and the last but not least, an easy way to download video from, again look for the Download link marked with my Red Arrow, and then pick what size/resolution you want, again, keep the mouse arrow above the (i) infosign for a moment to see the size of the download… helper plugin download video audio from vimeo screenshot 7 helper plugin download video audio from vimeo screenshot 7

Savefrom team Promise

so far so good, right? generally, Helper promises to download video and audio from the following 40+ major video/audio and general-file hosting sites:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc..

it is also kinda guarantying to keep trying: if you don’t see the desired Download or Down-arrow-Icon button, try to call up on the addon, see if it offers download that way, – LEFT click on the addon icon, then go by situation.. if not – plugin will redirect you to  hoping that website’s servers can do a better job. so far i haven’t had any disappointment, loving the plugin, thanks, creators!! will most likely work for all those bandcamps, beatports, reverbnations, residentadvisors, etc. very many Russian specific sites are mentioned above, but don’t be discouraged, this is only because the site and plugins are made and supported by Russian programmers and teams, so nothing to be surprised with, really.


i will just put it this way: why browser plugins are more useful for online streaming video and audio downloads than standalone software or online services (websites). this is quite easy – simply keep trying, and sooner or later you’ll come across pages that offer streaming on multiple tracks or videos, and how will website pick which one you want? but you can pick that one with browser plugin, that nicely places download link right next to the stream itself,,, every (downloadable) stream of the page. i hope my Savefrom.Net Helper review helped you out. please, note, all screenshots above were taken in Chrome, Safari and Firefox, 2 each. just to prove that Helper is Safe and works in each browser (except the Internet Explorer, of course).

and now for an example! the video below is how your youtube videos will look like, if you install SaveFrom Helper Browser Extension. A download button will show on every supported video, like it does here on Drake – Worse Behaviour. Read how to download this video from youtube with SaveFrom (online version).

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    • admin Post authorReply

      yes, of course!! i found myself not uninstalling a reviewed plugin for the first time ever!! it automagically embeds into soundcloud and youtube pages – the two major “time-wasters” i frequent,,

      try it out!!

  1. Shafiqul.aom Reply

    I added chrome extension – “savefromnet helper” but I can not download a full video of HD 1080p. Could anybody can give me solitionby showing how to do it. Thanks, waiting for your soonest reply,

    Best Regards

  2. The One. (@The_Bizness22) Reply

    I can’t download a full video at 1080p on youtube for instance (the only hd options are 720p or 1080p without sound for some reason) … WIll this be patched into the next revision? Thanks.

    • admin Post authorReply

      this is not a bug, it’s the way youtube works 1080p – audio and video are served separately and then muxed together by the flash player in your browser “on the fly”, when streaming. thus they are offered separately by savefrom. both can be downloaded and then muxed together with ffmpeg or something… if this seems complicated, and you do want the 1080 version, try OFFLIBERTY, it is so nice – it will mux a&V for you, and let you download the final video file with sound. it will take some time to download, but oh well, at least it’s not soundless video, right?

    • Serguei Kireev Reply

      All these years later i see that savefrom.nat still does 1080p without audio. But now i do know why: they wanna complicate things for us under disguise of YouTube formats being that way.. savefrom is simply trying for you to get upset and download their promoted software to get 1080p with audio.. it’s quite obvious to me now…

  3. Vladimir Kirov Reply

    Why there are only examples related to Justin Bieber ?? I mean Fuckin’ why ? ! ?

    • admin Post authorReply

      right?… and why you have some mujaheddin email, while you must be (or speak) russian, in a way…

      it’s for fun. it’s also a SEO experiment…. did i satisfy you?

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