The three names listed below are my most trustworthy sites for online video converters.


Bonjour! I am an English teacher of the language in a tiny French town called Lisette. It’s in the south. There is only one school group each year. Sometimes we have classes of different grades. But, it’s not about the hardships. As our school is among the lowest attended in the District they’re looking to make it the size of a parking lot and are requiring students to take buses to reach the central school district. I’m fine with it, as it’ll help my situation, as they promise to keep me employed with more money if the school shuts down.

As we go, we will continue our research. The best way to do this is to pick the most important videos available on Youtube and then attempt to translate them into our own language. It’s not always straightforward and can cause the use of slang, or slurred, or worse languages. We avoid them and look for others. Sometimes it’s celebrity reports or TV shows, actors and celebrities. There are times when it’s country music, rap starts and rap or country music. Celebrities are always open to public scrutiny. I discovered that we were getting into trash talk and began making videos at home. I censor them however, I also select videos with interesting talk and more details. We don’t have internet at school because we live far from the internet towers. Sometimes plans to stream Youtube videos are canceled due to this reason.

The process of preparing for me is very simple. The procedure is easy. I search for videos I want to download, and then put them in a playlist that I keep secret. Then, I copy the URL for the video playlist and then go to one of three websites I am aware of that can assist. Converto, Y2mate, or 2conv are my first choices. The 3rd one is usually the last to try since it may help when it comes to German videos, which is why it’s only for me and only for me, but it does not like playlists. Converto is fantastic with playlists of videos, it provides all the videos it contains and recommends one by one downloading the original videos or converting them into mp3/mp4 formats. Converto does a great job is safe and contains absolutely no advertisements, at least at the moment. Also, it’s available in over two dozen languages so it’s extremely beneficial for all users.

I started to download videos from Youtube in preparation for the lesson. It helped me both prescreen the language in the video and increase the usefulness and information of the video. If there’s no need to, and then delete it and move onto the next. Sometimes I download 10 to 15 videos to teach the lesson. The removal of ads is done on the video. This is extremely helpful because I don’t want my kids to see the ads I display at home. Therefore, I uploaded 1.5-2 hours of videos aware that I could only watch only a portion of it. Children are cruel, they yell at some videos and scream at others, I have no idea, I cannot find pattern within that.

The second one I would recommend is Y2mate, however sometimes it is my first choice. Although it’s not an issue, it is annoying that there are so many redirects, advertisements, full screen banners, as well as other distractions. It’s highly commercialized, difficult to use, and you are always busy with pop-ups. Similar to x2convert but they’re more like static banners and they are more elegant. While translations for other languages, they are not readily available, they’re better than the original. While they may be safer but they could still bring threats and viruses to your computer when they promote. If you choose to accept their offers however, be aware. Additionally, they provide a smaller number of websites to download videos from and convert to MP3 or mp4 Beware that it’s not because they can’t do it.

Finally I try to work with more famous names instead of newer websites. The ones that have demonstrated their survival skills can survive regardless of the constant attention paid by authorities, labels, Big Sound and the like. I enjoy knowing that the website I’m using is secure and safe. My Youtube converter worked great. It’s worth a shot.

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