Do you think that 2 MP3s in the cloud are better than 1? Let’s dig deep and try to determine the answer.

Do you think that 2 MP3s in the cloud are better than 1 Let's dig deep and try to determine the answer.

My friend shared with me his memories of clouds in the 90s. He was discussing “fluffy clouds within the room” from the band The Orb. The track was released in 1990. Since then, it has become an iconic track that is associated with the 90s and 2000s. It was a staple in trance DJ sets. This song was first performed by Nick Warren and Sasha back in the time of the 90s. Then, Deep Dish, James Zabiela and other DJs used it throughout the 2000s. Every now and again it would show up on the dance music scene, when a new attempt was made to remix it in an EDM genre. It made me smile every time I heard it, reaching out to the hearts of people in an effort to bring out the true essence of trance and house music, the origins of the genre, its origins, and customs.

I enjoy listening to LPs, particularly in the case of original ones. With this particular song, I don’t have anything, it was not available, and never in stores, while I was building my collection. However, I’m hoping to get my hands on it, now that this song is an authentic vintage one.. If you want to download the song as MP3 to play on your device it is possible to do that here. I doubt there are any royalties on the song even after 30+ years. YouTube can be converted into MP3 with these tools for free. Copy the URL of your web browser or app, paste it in the input box, then hit submit to see the various options to download videos. The MP3 converter is also available. Let’s get back to the beginning of this post. I would like to discuss cloud and how to store your music on it. or storing it there..

Amazon and Spotify permit access to songs that is stored on the cloud. Cloud in this case is simply online storage that app utilizes when you ask to play a song. It connects to internet and instantly downloads the song to you. While simultaneously playing it, it also plays it for you to enjoy. The settings that you set will of course, this maybe good or bad. You should consider limiting the use of apps using your limited data allowance on your device only when you’re connected to unlimited, free WIFI. However, most apps can reuse the previously streamed and downloaded music, if you watch it within a timeframe that hasn’t expired yet, so there is a very little value in the way they function. I have found myself telling HULU often to download the TV shows I watch, not because of my desire to have them but instead, I’d like to be able to watch them without interruptions while riding the train that runs for one hour.

Perhaps I should decrease my commute, and instead work at home. Covid and this whole situation determines this. However, I continue to go back to work because I have to get out of this crazed house for a few hours a day… And that;s when I am left wondering whether cloud is better for my music and videos? Are they more beneficial to be accessible on my phone? The downside to this is that I’m able to utilize my monthly data more rapidly, however there is the issue of how much music mp3 or video mp4 can my device store because desktops have huge hard drives. But my Samsung Galaxy 10’s storage is stuffed with home videos. Therefore, the addition of another mp3 could need me to remove one of my 15 favorite videos. I doubt it.. It is the place where music and TV shows can be stored in the cloud..

Let’s see, what do you think? Cloud? Local storage? Although I am certain that time will reveal the truth, I’d rather to combine both.

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