How to keep entertained in the middle of long hours as a security officer at an underground facility

How to keep entertained in the middle of long hours as a security officer at an underground facility

It’s a tough time for everyone. It’s not easy to navigate the current gig economy. I was doing very well before the pandemic hit however, now as well as my main job as a dental assistant, I have to accept a night-time job as a security guard at the nearby manufacturing facility for machines. It is mostly automated. The workers are on call throughout the day, and I am a part of the night-time crew. I have an emergency number that I call if something goes wrong and machinery is stopped without a clear start time. After that, I call engineers and/or call outside line for more engineers. I really don’t do anything. The company isn’t even producing anything there, therefore night guard is an ordinary switchboard attendant.

It’s peaceful, and I actually love it. It’s quiet. While I’m usually a sleepy person I’m a bit scared. The nights can be quite monotonous , so I often explore new ways to help them go by more quickly. For instance, I’ve been practicing this dance that I saw on Tik Tok for the past two weeks. It’s not too difficult, however I find it difficult to recreate it. This dance was created by one of the most famous Tik Tok sisters. I’m too old to understand the dance.

Recently, I’ve been playing with various car fixing videos. I’m not sure how to put them in place immediately to my car, but I am fascinated by watching others transform their cars into something that is invincible. Same goes for any DIY videos – they’re often informative and simple to follow. This was when I realized that there was an additional issue. My phone would stop functioning, and I was unable to watch any videos or perform other tasks. I was capable of downloading Youtube videos and put them on my smartphone. I was able to view DIY videos even when the internet went down. It doesn’t matter if you stream it from some site or other online. Or if you download it at home and then view it on your phone when you don’t have internet or another online connection. It’s as easy and straightforward as DVR.

To my complete delight I was able to download the latest episodes and films onto my laptop. My laptop is much more comfortable than my desktop and has better speakers. I joined HULU and Netflix. They permit both to download their apps. After a time, dependent on the duration of the show, quality options, and other variables the content will be downloaded to the device. This makes it accessible anytime, anyplace even without internet. It takes only 15 minutes to watch TV however it also lets you catch up on any episodes that you didn’t catch last night.

To make my time flow faster, I can find numerous educational and entertaining materials that I can print at home. Youtube’s webinars are fantastic. However, it’s hard to focus on the content even when interrupted many times. If you’re familiar with what I mean… In these situations, I attempt to make a plan at home, download YouTube video in mp4 format to my laptop, and then watch it any time at work. There are no restrictions on wifi, there is no need for wifi, the file is DVR-ed on my laptop and nothing is ruined, spotty wifi doesn’t matter and it’s not needed in my situation.

Sometimes, I bring my son to work along with me. This is because my wife works a night shift, which makes it hard for us to be home with our child. Therefore, I take him along and set him up in front of my computer screens and within a few minutes, he’s asleep. When he awakes, I give him my laptop with some of the newly downloaded music videos. And as he is watching all those amazing young artists doing their bizarre things on the screen, he is happy, I am content to continue doing my own thing via the phone.. Making our own choices is what helps us work together. It’s possible that he enjoys going to my house. Maybe it’s because he is inclined to be up late at late at night.

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