There’s always help online, sometimes from overseas, very useful when you need to unlock Youtube video content

how to unblock youtube videos easy

It’s true, 20 years ago, it was almost impossible for an ordinary computer user to plug an VPN connection directly into their router, and create Netflix or Amazon think that they’re in a different country which would then allow access to all original video content only accessible to that particular country.. This is an impressive feat of technology, however, anyone can accomplish it today with enough determination and will. You could be able to throw away the router you have installed if you play around with the hardware on that scale. Two routers that I’ve destroyed personally. One of them was stuck in the middle of updating, while the other isn’t working anymore after I refreshed it’s flash bios..

If I want to unblock online video, I typically utilize a different set of tools. VPN works, but it might be slow to download videos in 4K or change your IP every couple of seconds, confusing the source of the video. Sometimes , I see such videos on Youtube. They’re either restricted to a specific location or only play in certain regions which makes it difficult to stream music from other countries. Uploaders on Youtube either want to keep sound to their natives or do not have the right to license their work beyond their original source of production.. In these cases, Keepvid, Yt1s and Y2mate are my primary helpers. They are able to solve at least three of the problems. If one fails it is possible to switch to the next. I don’t use them all in the exact order. Sometimes there is a time when one of them is open in a different browser tab. So I just start with it. Each website has its own advantages in different circumstances.

Y2mate is great, it provides proxying for downloading of videos, which can be often very useful. It can convert Youtube videos into MP3 format, and mp4, and download speeds are quick. Y2mate is also the most popular website in this niche, ranking within the top 200 of the most popular websites. It’s obvious that they’re doing something right if people keep coming back. The site is also very reliable I’m able to verify. Yt1s is a replacement for Y2mate in the event that it isn’t working. It is compatible with Youtube and a myriad of other websites. Yt1s has fast download speeds, supports huge Youtube playlists, and has built-in Youtube video search. This allows me to quickly locate the videos I’m looking for, even if I don’t know where they are. Yt1s also has an auto-suggest function which is great for your location and gives current popular search tags as suggestions.

Keepvid finally hits the group. I don’t use Keepvid frequently because the two other sites usually resolve the issue. Keepvid is still the only place to download full length Twitch videos. I searched the internet for alternatives but couldn’t find it. Some apps are ineffective and some sites that claim to offer exactly the same thing don’t work but Keepvid excels at it. It is able to download Youtube playlists, and permits you to download some of the most popular videos. However, it has many redirects. Recently there were a lot of ads from outside. These ads aren’t displayed until you’re downloading your video. It’s not a concern for me. I like Yt1s which is almost as harmless as a baby.

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