Shut Down Not Working Anymore + Filsh Top Alternatives youtube downloader converter is not working anymore shutdown alternatives

Omg, another loss for youtube mp3 converter scene. One of the oldest players – FILSH.NET – has existed since 2008 – closed its doors a couple of months ago. Quietly went down. Site originated in Germany, or so it seems like, and that famous system operator of mp3 juices was also from Germany. So I am speculating here, but I think the shutdown of could have been the reason closed as well.

There is a chance that both and were operated by the same person. And under court orders he had to shut off all other services resembling Or having similar features to We here at savetube honestly have no idea why this happened and what is to be expected. quietly goes dark…

without any special announcement, nothing on their Facebook page or Twitter feed. Last facebook post is from summer 2016, and last tweet is in summer 2017. Neither one shows any worry or any indications as of WHY FILSH NET IS CLOSING DOWN….

Website was mostly used for youtube mp3 converting, over the course of 2017 it hasn’t really had too much traffic, probably mostly dedicated users, Germans for the most part, i think. Below is the Alexa traffic chart, you can see the dip started october-november 2017. This is when was shut down, and all those people would have come to But no, it went under as well… youtube downloader converter alexa traffic report youtube downloader converter alexa traffic report

How many sites will we lose? Some due to technical problems, or reasons made look like those. That is of course offliberty that doesn’t work properly anymore. TheYouMp3 has also stopped working, hopefully, temporary… It is sad. Not only the biggest players go down, but somehow smaller ones get affected too.. Here’s what shows now if you logon… youtube downloader converter is not working anymore shutdown alternatives youtube downloader converter is not working anymore shutdown alternatives Working Alternatives

For those of you who really liked, below we have a list of top 5 working alternatives, all those sites are checked by savetube, all we vouch for, if not in user experience, than at least we guarantee those sites do work and deliver the converted mp3s. So here we go:

  1. mp3juice – using decentralized methods (sourcing from 5 different APIs), this site manages to deliver a variety of conversion options and download speeds. check it out!
  2. – thanks to revolutionary conversion methods that harness the power of your machine for youtube mp3 conversion, this site does not depend on any servers and probably has bright future, thanks to minimized responsibility.
  3. ListenToYoutube – easy to use, quick and responsive, one of the biggest youtube mp3 converters out there right now.
  4. – youtube mp3 converter with the blue shark, many other sites rely on this one to deliver converted audio. this one is also among the biggest players on the scene.
  5. – this one does try to mine e-coin using your browser without your consent, but it doesn’t have any ads or popups, which is a blessing today, so… who knows…

and if you do not agree with our top 5 alternatives choiceplease, check out our Best Youtube Mp3 Converters list, it has 15 more tested working services. Good luck finding one to replace filsh. And if you used it for facebook downloads, try this facebook video downloader instead.

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