Bad News or Really Bad News? RIAA identifies their next targets…

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As I have mentioned earlier, the giant of our “niche” – was shut down and sued by RIAA. How did this affect this niche, this scene, I’d even say? Did this change everything? Youtube mp3 converter scene turned upside down! hehe.. not really.. But Let’s take a closer look.

Many new players have appeared

Well, for starters there’s been a huge “vulture” ball masquerade while all of these new players were dividing the traffic left after’s shutdown. savetube has been closely looking at the alexa ratings of all the sites that have been vulturing. And several most noticeable names that emerged include TheYouMp3,, (aka YoutubeInMp3),, and many others have shown serious rise and spiked their traffic in October 3-4 times that from August 2017.

There are also old titans like off liberty, savefrom, keepvid, but the first one has been having troubles converting youtube to mp3, while the latter 2 simply do not convert anything to mp3. They try to push their paid software for that. In any case, we’ve seen a strong influx of new youtube to mp3 converter sites this year in general, and tremendous traffic gains in september-october 2017..

New Leaders Identified and Targeted

Now that one of the giants was gone, RIAA had to turn their attention to smaller sites. Although there are at least 2 sites that were of same size as, those are Online Video Converter and And turn they did. And now they have a list of new targets.

This list includes about 2 dozen sites. Besides the usual thePirateBay, 4shared,, and other known offenders, this list also has 7 of the sites from my talk niche:

The first 6 we’ve talked about and say SaveFrom is one of the most visited reviews on savetube. the only one we don’t know about so far is

So what’s going to happen?

Not much is really going to develop here.. As before, sites like ThePirateBay (top 100 world’s biggest sites) will simply brush off this BS and continue their existence. Smaller sites like and will be thinking.. As a matter of fact, has just moved away from domain name, which openly stated facilitating youtube to mp3 conversions. Now it’s more like “convert mp3, that’s what we do, youtube? never heard”….

It’s a smart move, simply redirect all the old traffic and hope for the best.. Sites like (also top 100 sites) and will not even bother with this. They are located and operate from Russia, and i doubt RIAA will be strong enough to invade russia and look for those sites’ operators.. I doubt that.. said it twice.

something tells me mp3juices and will fall down.. may stay afloat. their recent domain name change should only signal that they are in this game for good…


in these uncertain times, i would recommend getting used to several different youtube to mp3 online converters, if you like the online option. With recent RIAA activity and plans for the brighter future, we – poor nerds or cheap skating downloaders – should always be ready to loose access to this or that resource overnight, so it’s always best to have several options in mind. Me? I am recently using a combination of TheYouMp3, YoutubeMp3.Today, and some others. And of course my favorite youtube-dl. Just to keep things fresh and new.. And in case one of them goes tomorrow… =)

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