Youtube to MP3 according to Google, the Rise of Many Sites

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Hello there! Today I would like to talk about how google perceives “youtube to mp3” search keyword. And what results it presents on such searches. And talk about the meteoric rise of some sites..

Why youtube to mp3 situation has changed

Yes, why? Because one of the “major players” aka providers of youtube to mp3 conversion has been taken out of the game (read more: sued and taken down)… It happened in September 2017, just about 1.5 months ago. And look at what has become of the “new order”… So let’s take a look what results google now returns for “youtube to mp3” search keyword.

youtube to mp3 google search results
youtube to mp3 google search results

More about google’s top 3 picks for “youtube to mp3”

here we can see 2 things (and your search may return different results, of course):

  1. second entry in search results comes as a snippet, so it’s first, generally speaking, and it’s Online Video Converter, or the great one, as it’s called in that article. Technically, this result comes second in search results, or third, if you count the snippet. This site has been steadily growing popularity and receiving more and more traffic over the last year. Here’s Alexa’s graph on the growth… traffic
    this one doesn’t really show any big changes, but it is a top 250 sites in the world. – the shut down site – was only top 350 sites in the world, so even all of its traffic would not put a big spike in that chart…
  2. now first result that is shifted by the snippet, is the site that’s recently moved from to the new address. and check out how this site has soared in the last 2 months traffic
    this is called “soaring” and it has happened because technically is now the new resource google deems fit to carry out youtube to mp3 conversion. I have personally gone there to try out the conversion, and it works. can convert youtube to mp3. so head on over there for that sweet quick youtube mp3 action. the only problem there is the abundance of ads… virtually every click results in a popup ad. sites like this actually is what makes people disable ads, and thus endanger other sites’ earnings, those that do depend on ads… like savetube here.
  3. ListenToYoutube is the 3rd result now, and check out its traffic go on a tangent!! traffic
    this one simply got lucky, i guess.. very very very high growth rate and traffic acquisition over the last 2 months… i wonder if they had to get many new server machines..

thanks to the fact that i’ve listed their alexa graph without dates, now you can see a crazy fall, which means one simple thing: original ListenToYoutube is gone!! sad times!!

Top 10 google results for “youtube to mp3”

Here are the top 10 results that google now returns for “youtube to mp3” keyword search.

  1. Mp3 Converter
  4. ListenToYoutube
  9. youtube mp3
  10. convert2mp3

also we recommend check out youtubemp3 for fast 1 click youtube to mp3 conversion.

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