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JULY 2017 EDIT: Savevid has been down too often for too long. it hasn't lost all following yet. but if i were you, i'd start using something elsewhere. i'd recommend offliberty or anything from our Top 10 Youtube downloaders and converters. Youtube-DL is also great! download online video and audio website logo download online video and audio website logo

lets talk about and its application to the long discussed topic and issue – how to save online video and audio for long term use at home.. =) at first, this site really caught my attention. why? because it’s kinda community based. after second look i see that this is not a community really, but just accumulated stats over the years of website existence and displaying them as if they were a community thing. no, i don’t like that. to be honest, what kind of community can exist on a site that downloads videos from other sites? right! there can be no real community, – everyone is for themselves, everyone thinks this is some kind of crooked thing to do – while very few understand it’s even in rules of most sites, in their terms and conditions – download and whatnot as much as you want, as long as it is never leaving your computer.. maybe not these exact words, but the meaning is simple – none of those sites can really stop you from doing it. they cannot track what you are doing, you can set up cookies and headers to fool broadcaster and make them think it’s browser and flash player, and not just ffmpeg downloading the stream.. and so let us try and see how this works…

Download Online Videos with

big headline, but little happens next.. first take a look at this screenshot of the initial site look, the way it looks when you just load the page. please, pay attention the ads – i’ve specially left them visible in one screenshot, – they are all about Torch Browser. as you might have seen, i have made a review of Torch, wasn’t really pleased, but am still using it, alongside the other major browsers – chrome, firefox, opera, etc. i keep it to check how my sites look in different browsers… anyways, this is fully tailored to advertise for Torch. it’s interesting, you know, curious thing… so here’s the image, take a look at the list of popular videos, popular today and last year, all the same. download online video and audio - initial screen full of ads and community stuff download online video and audio – initial screen full of ads and community stuff

and then the crazy stuff starts. i try to put in a you-tube link, and get a weird yellow box notification that i need to install their browser plugin to have all downloads nice and neat and done in a heartbeat. but why?? i was going for a website that does video downloads, instead i came across a shady experience that is trying to push a browser – Torch – for downloads of video. They are also trying to make you use their plugin, why??? i mean, whatever i tried from that point, nothing worked, without the plugin that is… check this out, i try to for some youtube link and here’s what i see: download online video and audio trying for youtube - fail download online video and audio trying for youtube – fail

this is truly ridiculous. take a link and offer plugin… so i am thinking, maybe because youtube is not in the list of supported sites on the right, maybe it is not supposed to work, but some other one will? although i am seeing a ton of youtube videos that are representing the community and trends and such, most of them, 99% are the utub links. well, this is a mystery.. maybe the plugin does all? i don’t know, this is a review of WEBSITE FUNCTIONALITY, not plugin… so yeah… i go for dailymotion link, it is in the list of supported sites. and what do i see? same yellow box offering their plugin. that’s it… fail, fail, fail. i am not even trying any more. download online video and audio trying for dailymotion download - fail download online video and audio trying for dailymotion download – fail

my final words: fail, epic fail, really stupid stuff… bye bye…

one positive i gotta give them – if you minimize the ads, they will stay minimized. thanks!  🙁 resources and such

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  1. admin Post authorReply

    it seems that is not available anymore, not online, not good to download online videos, sarr…

    2 days later: savevid is down, it’s still down… how long is it going to be this time. seems it’s happened already about half a year ago..

  2. Victor W Irish Reply

    I used it in the summer of 2019, but had my harddrive replaced in the fall, and now I can’t use at all. Sad. It really worked well. What now?

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