How to convert Youtube to MP4 online and by doing that earn your college diploma faster

How to convert Youtube to MP4 online and by doing that earn your college diploma faster

I’ve heard numerous stories regarding the legality of downloading Youtube videos from YouTube and then converting the files to offline format on your personal laptop. I have been closely following the latest developments in online mp3 converters. Certain are being investigated and taken to the court. However, here, I am sharing my personal story. I’m not encouraging anyone to follow what I do, but I don’t see any harm in what I do I can even think there is a benefit to “DVR-ing” videos off Youtube and watching them later..

I am the source of my wealth. I was able to complete my Bachelors in college degree online in just 3 years. This was in addition to two evening and part-time jobs and also being a full-time worker to support my family. I don’t mean the Devry miracle or any other online school that is hyped. I went to my local institution of higher learning. There were no exclusive programs, no special treatment I was charged the same fees as everyone else and received the same assistance from the state.

One of my two jobs mostly involved sitting around and sometimes walking across the premises to make sure everything was secure.. Yes, that was correct. It was a glorified guard job. But, I didn’t mind because it gave me ample time. Amazingly, online school is available 24 hours a day. I was able to focus on my assignments and submit them by 3:00 in the morning. I discovered that the majority of the lectures were uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo, hidden under specific titles that were not able to allow foot traffic. Only those who had access URLs to the videos knew what was in them.

Before leaving for work, I downloaded the videos to my laptop. Internet was extremely slow at times, due to the fact of remote locations for workplace sites. In order for me to be able to study properly I needed the whole video loaded on my laptop prior to when I left for work. Otherwise, some sessions ended up being destroyed due to the blockage of work when internet went away or didn’t show up.. And that’s where YouTube to mp4 is a free online converter came in handy. All I had to do was copy Youtube video URL to the laptop’s memory clipboard, then go to the converter site then paste the URL in there then click submit, and wait some minute or so.. The site would then provide me with various options to download. The list was separated by file size and audio. I could then convert the YouTube video to mp3 and continue until the Mp4 converter appeared. It has a range of video mp4 download options.

Having lectures ready on my laptop enabled me to maximize my time off the grid, and here I am now, having graduated with a Bachelor of IT on average 2 semesters sooner than the rest of the students. I hope that my next job will allow me to have some time for learning. It’s very rewarding.

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