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This is the story tells of a devastating loss, an amazing find, and the good times that came after… Hi! Hey! My life was completely turned upside down when my most loved and hated Galaxy S9 phone went missing. This was a catastrophe.

That’s only half the problem. My phone could be locked only by fingerprint. My data shouldn’t be at risk. Bank accounts should also be protected. It’s not about security, but the potential disadvantages and consequences that could result from losing your phone. This isn’t just about having no phone for a few hours.. Do you think you can do this? Hehe. I survived..

Google and Facebook are coming to our aid

As you may have guessed, my initial idea was to retrieve all my “life’s information”. I decided to go to Google first. Google and android allow seamless backups of all your images, videos and other information. This saved me many hours while I transferred all the images and videos that I’ve stored back over time. PRAISE GOGLE! LOL. LMBO.

When I looked through my old and new photos, I discovered that they were not there. I was missing all of my videos from live Facebook events. They were very crucial to me…I cannot go to sleep without them…

I looked on the internet for help and found the solution. I discovered the Facebook video downloading tool , which proved the most useful for me.

Thank you, Youtube Video Downloader that also integrates with Facebook It’s awesome! Thank you! I discovered this method to download Facebook pictures very easy and beautifully designed. The only thing you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to Facebook and then open the video that you wish to download
  2. Right-click on it, or hold it down until you see a menu open to show the VIDEO URL. You can then pick it and copy it using CTRL+C.
  3. Visit the facebook video downloader’s website, click in the box, and then copy the URL by using right-click + paste the URL, tap-n’-hold, or tap-n–hold.
  4. Press GO, wait another second
  5. On the next screen, click on the big red button to download HD video.
  6. That’s done, finito.

It’s easy enough that even your grandmother can do it! This is how it appears after you submit your URL for your video.

After finding this website I’ve had all my Facebook videos restored to my new phone within a couple of hours (yes I am an avid video user I had more than 60 videos…)


It’s simple and easy to download videos through Facebook. Try it yourself! Also, you should check Keepvid if you’re interested in restoring your youtube library. Keepvid can even work with YouTube-to-MP3 conversion… Don’t be concerned that it’s legal and safe to download your videos. You can download the office party videos and save them to your smartphone.

I hope this article can help you achieve greatness.

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