Daily Motion boasts some of the most cutting-edge content available today. Many TV series are available from all over the world.

Daily Motion boasts some of the most cutting-edge content available today. All TV series are available from all over the world.

This incredible site, DailyMotion.com (or Daily, in the sense that it’s short and friendly) It was just discovered by me. Of course, I’ve known about this website for a long time, but it used to be just one of the three most well-known video sites in the days before video was getting started with Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Look at it right now, it’s brimming with some of the most interesting material available. Daily should be on your daily “to-visit” list. Take an even closer look. Yes, I’ve been on Daily twice. It was a silly pun.

Here are some things to be on the lookout for when visiting Daily Motion. It’s filled with live news streams. Anything that isn’t C-Span or mainstream broadcasts will be featured on DailyMotion. Popular journalistic work is displayed prominently on the homepage. This makes me think they are advertising the political aspects of their site. Periscope has been gone and Twitter is working to get rid of the live stream that is political. However, their current motto Dailymotion: The place for video content that matters isn’t a reference to politics. Although my cat videos are fun however, it’s also very important to me, seeing the stories of recent shootings, and all the life matters things makes me consider if Daily is a site for politics.

There are numerous programs and broadcasts that feature sports. They are usually in poor quality but they are still able to be watched on your smartphone. The online video downloader app lets you select the quality and video format of the broadcast. It is then saved to my computer as MP4 files, and then transferred to my smartphone. I now have 1.5hr of football match to view on my commute to work.

Dailymotion is also used extensively by major companies such as CNN, BBC and other news websites across the Internet. They operate their channels in the United States too however, I think it is easier in their situation. They copy and paste video clips from their live broadcasts and website streams, then they put them onto Youtube. After that they’ll be featured across all major networks, including download Facebook video streams. Daily Motion is one of these networks. There’s even an empathetic Ted Cruz face displayed on CNN International’s Dailymotion page. They must have been laughing a lot. There is a section that features Billboard videos. They are on Planet Hollywood and other sites. They also have the latest music and chart-topping songs from the most famous artists. It is also possible to argue that they are copying their Youtube channels to Daily Motion.

Dailymotion offers a variety of TV shows and television episodes across the world. I don’t exactly know how to locate their collections or playlists with episodes from same show, but perhaps Google will help because it’s a search engine after all. Sometimes, I stumble across links that take me to Dailymotion pages. Dailymotion has episodes from India (Argentina), Korea as well as many different countries. It’s astonishing the amount of content you can find on Dailymotion. Use the search engine and enter your favourite show. Big Brother Canada It’s simple to find it on Google and see over 300 episodes that are streaming directly through Dailymotion. That’s why I return to Dailymotion again. I have saved a few episodes to my phone and can then watch them while I’m away. As I said, quality of the video isn’t always top-notch but it’s still great! I’ll see you there Daily!

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