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Today I’ve read quite a disheartening news piece about shutdown just days ago after being long sued by RIAA. German courts have ruled that conver2mp3 was using technological measures of possibly own production to supersede any downloading restrictions imposed by video streaming websites and thus was not allowed to continue its workings. Very sad news indeed. Funny article also mentioned that there’s some kind of screen saying no more site.. I actually was not able to connect at all. I think too much traffic for RIAA to handle..

Another ‘top1000’ mp3 converter gone

While there’s good news for owner of and – a court in USA has ruled that those sites can be used for many more legal things than illegal, so gave a rebuff to RIAA on their home soil; for convert2mp3 owner there are no good news at all. His/her site has been fully shutdown pursued to German court ruling.

The site was ranked at top 700 most visited site in the world by Alexa, so it is a big win for RIAA. Although it’s just one of many sites that can do the job, these days many people around the world are looking to switch their mp3 procuring deeds to a new reliable place. So here is our list of working youtube mp3 converters, full of still operational sites, haven’t been updated in a couple of months, but most sites in there are still online and working. 10 working alternatives

But if you don’t want to hit that button, or think that list maybe outdated, – here’s a very current July 2019 list of top 10 working mp3 converters to replace for you:

  1. – while it is old and dusty, it works great, offers 3 redundant download options for each mp3 and has youtube search built in! check it out.
  2. Youtube to mp3 – is my second pick. Would be first, since it has no ads or popups, but I still prefer olde goode listen to youtube site.. But this one is good too. It’s ultra fast, it has top 20 most downloaded videos there, and it has multiple download options.
  3. savemedia – yet another big site, but is has good mp3 converter there, plus youtube search is included too. Also it is a great video downloader, maybe useful for more things.
  4. YOUT – is the next big thing. Somehow left under the raps of search engines, maybe this site has some kind of app that drives traffic to it, check it out, nice dark colors.
  5. – is a multi-language site that can do just that – help you get many cool songs from youtube for your next house party
  6. – is yet another amazing place with youtube search making things easier.
  7. ytbmp3 – it’s back and better than ever before. Check out new ytbmp3 the ultimate youtube to mp3 converter and downloader website
  8. YTMP3 – a good place, seems rather new, it works so check it out
  9. Keepvid – old keepvid in new package has a nice mp3 converter, just look for audio download options group for youtube video, there’s mp3 download button too
  10. Zene – this is my local place, but it looks cool, with all the functionality of the top sites. “Zene” means “music” in Hungarian.. – isn’t it a cool site name? I say yes!


As many people on torrenfreak always comment on those RIAA related articles – there’s no stopping the mp3 converters.. The traffic is so huge, youtube being top 10 sites in the work, imagine every 10th person decided to download track from youtube.. It’s such an obvious decision, right? Many people will be stopped by moral or technical difficulties.

But the 10th person will go thru with this.. Making it, lets just say, half a billion people needing this service. And more in countries where people would rather buy food than music.. So all this immense traffic needs tools to do the job and they will persist. Bigger ones get shut down to be replaced by more enduring ones or smaller ones.. As people say on their site – this will continue until streaming sites actually try to do something about it, try to work with downloader sites, license them somehow or I don’t know, something needs to happen…

PS. being unable to connect to I used an older screenshot image from an article I wrote about this site before, – my review..

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