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facebook video downloaders according to google

Hi friends. Today I will talk short and will not be dreaming about cloudy skies and clouds of smoke. No. This article is kinda a pledge, like a promise to myself to widen my horizons and start looking more into other groups of websites dealing with something other than youtube.

See, youtube yes, it has everything, all the new music is on youtube, no matter from official accounts or ripped from spotify and shared by some good people.. That is why I was so crazily narrow about it, all my articles, well, 90% of them deal with some youtube to mp3 converter or youtube video downloader, or both for sites like keepvid. I have literally written 2 reviews of facebook video downloader sites, and one single twitter video downloader. There’s a mentioning of soundcloud and a few articles on tech side, like going live on facebook.

And so with this article I state my intent to broaden my views and concentrate more on things other than youtube. That is why now I will go on google and recite top 10 results for “facebook video downloader” it returns as my plan for the next few weeks of writing. And so..


Top 10 facebook video downloaders (according to google)

Here is what google tells us now is the hip group of facebook video helpers…

  1. – the site I’ve already reviewed, as it was 1st a year or two ago when review happened, it is still 1st. no more review for this one! =)
  2. – Free online Website to Download Videos from fb HD for Desktop, Chrome, android, ios to save videos from facebook in MP4.
  3. – Facebook Video Downloader Online,The Best Free Online Tool to Download FB Videos.simply paste Facebook Video url and click Download button …
  4. a plugin for chrome.. ghm.. now i am thinking maybe should have searched for “Download Facebook Video” keyword..
  5. – from the *.io sites, like they made sense a year ago, now it’s just showboating in my opinion.. =)
  6. another plugin.. or rather an app on google play. maybe i should resume non-website articles too.. i will think about it.
  7. – surprisingly… but i think page in google results leads to software offer. in any case.. savefrom is here.
  8. oh yeah, there are also 3 videos on youtube…

ghm.. not a good collection of first page results.. only gives me 3 sites to review. i will go ahead now search for “download facebook video” keyword and maybe add a few sites here…

facebook video downloaders according to google
facebook video downloaders according to google

Top 10 sites to Download Facebook video according to google

  1. fbdown is first, again…
  2. – ok, some variety right away
  3. again 3 youtube videos.. i guess that is because people on mobile search for this a lot, and it’s easier for people on mobile to check out instructional video rather than read a quick instructional article on the site that actually works….

and remaining 5 results repeat in part first top 10 and add couple of tech articles.. interesting… that is probably such a big search… in any case, i will go ahead and add a few sites here to review from second pages of search results…,,,, maybe some others i’ll find later.. seems like a plan! first one to come will be, i guess. untill we talk again!


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