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Finally I am doing a review on this website – zamzar ( – and the website has been in front of my eyes for a while. I mean, whenever i research my next subject, i come across this site. Not that it’s so awesome, it’s actually quite outdated and ugly, if you ask me..

No, it’s just i think this site’s been around for so long, that it has strong positions on youtube to mp3 keyword. Plus this site does file to file conversion. So really i do not know what gives it so much traffic to keep it in top 5k world’s most used websites. Review – No Good…

Well, before you actually embark on the quest of using this website, let me tell you about my experience… Several (negative) things that really stand out are:

  1. No youtube support. It is promised to soon have file conversion by email. That’ll replace youtube mp3 converter for sure…
  2. Couldn’t convert some video from Vimeo. Zamzar kept telling me about file with no extension. Well, obviously, it’s a link… So…
  3. Tried dailymotion video after that.. Well, you know me, i always try to test things out… Well, anyways, didn’t work. Told me that file there was 0 bytes.. Yeah…
  4. I was unable to check, cause i gave up after that, but supposedly your converted link or something gets emailed to you. So before you actually initiate any video download or conversion, you have to supply your email.. Which is really an overkill in this world of trying to stay under the radars…
  5. Should I continue? Is anyone still interested in a website that cannot do anything we want from it? Ghm… When selecting format to convert video to, it was almost impossible to find mp3… what a loss.

So after all, this website was unable to convert video from youtube, vimeo and dailymotion. It requires email to convert anything and emails you the links.. This is really ridiculous.. Maybe this site does good pdf to doc conversion, i do not know. I was only interested in the video to mp3 conversion side ot things.. And those were not done before my eyes, so I give this site 1 star..

Seems like my less preferred option with software will do much better here. For example, Airy HD video & Mp3 Youtube downloader will do a superb job of downloading youtube, vimeo and dailymotion videos. It won’t need your email or anything like that. Check it out!

Otherwise I’d recommend using Offliberty, Youtube Mp4 or even Keepvid ahead of this site. Mostly because this site doesn’t do anything we want…

ZamZar step by step tutorial

In this tutorial we will try download Beyonce – Formation off youtube using zamzar. I will right away announce the result – TOTAL FAIL – so that you don’t have to keep reading this tutorial. Here i only indicate fails and faults of

Step 1. Open and look around…

Open front page on this site and see what I’m talking about – very old, outdated design, nasty colors, very unwelcoming site, to be honest.. Front page suggests file to file conversion tool. Here’s how it looks like for me… review tutorial step 1 front page review tutorial step 1 front page

Step 2. Open Video conversion tool (second tab)

and enter the youtube video URL in box named “step 1”. Step 2 – select conversion format. Since for me it is important to find more and more best youtube mp3 convertersI select mp3. I like to convert youtube to mp3, and sites like TheYouMp3 and SaveToMp3 help a lot. review tutorial step 2 url converter info supply review tutorial step 2 url converter info supply

Step 3. Youtube can’t convert with

click submit and we’re in for a sad moment… doesn’t work with youtube. Dixi. review tutorial step 3 youtube converter fail review tutorial step 3 youtube converter fail

Step 4. Try download vimeo video… fail again

Well, since youtube is not supported, let’s try a Vimeo video. from my own channel/account, let’s try download Video Tutorial on how to use As you may see, attempt at vimeo download failed as well.. This time though link was treated as file, for some reason… review tutorial step 4 vimeo conversion fail review tutorial step 4 vimeo conversion fail

Step 5. Not giving up. Let’s try dailymotion video.

So youtube and vimeo didn’t work. Let’s try a dailymotion hosted video. Something must work, right? And the message kinda tells you everything will be OK this time, yes!! I even supply a different email just to try out this feature… review tutorial step 5 about to conert dailymotion video review tutorial step 5 about to conert dailymotion video

Step 6. Dailymotion also failed by

As you may see, this screenshot indicates’s failure to process that dailymotion video. review tutorial step 6 dailymotion video download fail review tutorial step 6 dailymotion video download fail


thumbs down circle

Do not use, quite a stupid failing site, well, at least in the field we’re interested in – online video download and conversion to mp3. Didn’t work with youtube, dailymotion or vimeo, thus assumed it won’t work with any other video hosting site. The website is safe to use and has very unobtrusive ads.. Just there’s no reason to use this site, unless you’re needing to convert some pdf file to doc.

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