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Best Video Downloader logo square, download youtube videos (browser plugin)

from the start i would like to mention, this article is definitely not about the “best video downloader”, this is not our opinion, as you might know, we come to the subject without any prior knowledge of it. but it is about the “Best Video Downloader” – a browser extension/plugin – that can be found online at oh well, this is such a competitive game here, that software and plugin developers name their programs as the most widely used keywords allow, in this case it must be “youtube“, “download(er)” and a choice of “free” or “best“, pretty much all our reviews include 2 or 3 of these key words, right? and that is why website names might never match the program names, etc…

Best Video Downloader (Download Videos from YouTube)

Best Video Downloader logo flat, youtube video downloader (plugin for browser)
Best Video Downloader logo flat, download youtube videos (free browser extension addon)

so lets get on with it. click link above to open their main page, it has some information there, pay attention to the requirements, check out the FAQ they have and all the other stuff. please, notice that this “Developer” is kinda upfront with the customer (me and you), thus they are writing that there might be some adds after you install this browser plugin to download youtube videos, having ads lets them keep the software free. also there are some programs that will want to install when Best Video Downloader is installed, so lets go ahead and install the thing

  1. first it downloads to your computer, then you’re supposed to let it run. click on it, and in the next step select “ALLOW” to let this program continue its installation.
  2. on the first installation screen, uncheck all the boxes that suggest installing Yontoo Layers. the website (FAQ section) actually says “Yontoo Layers is a browser add-on platform that provides a variety of apps that personalize the user’s web experience. Best Video Downloader is powered by the Yontoo Layers platform and therefore it is needed to function.” in my understanding, that is a complete lie, and i will try to prove it that, but so far i’ve seen a note on that same screen saying “you can remove Yontoo later via control panel -> installed programs..

    Best Video Downloader site frontpage, download youtube videos plugin
    Best Video Downloader site frontpage, download youtube videos (plugin)
  3. on the next screen, i halt this installation… why? because i don’t want any toolbars installed in my browsers, and this step is installation agreement for Claro Toolbar, which will have a new toolbar in your browser, then it will mess up your in-browser search provider, and it will set Claro Search as your homepage in all the browsers… this is too much for me, even having this document on How to remove Claro Toolbar & Claro Search, this whole process seems not only complicated, but also time consuming… do i want a youtube downloader that pushes so much other stuff on me? no, i do not want this. and so i click “DENY”, hoping that main installation will continue…
  4. and it did continue! ok, well, at least this all can be denied… not the barbaric software that will either stop install or install the stupid side-software… next step they are trying to push PricePeep on me, and i DENY it by clicking the Decline button on the left.
  5. not surprisingly, we’re not done yet, and next step is declining SENDORI, which we don’t want, of course, click DECLINE for that, and you’re all good, next step will be the final installation of the plugin!! just make sure to save all of your unfinished things in the browser, because browser window will be closed without asking and you don’t want this when some emails or blog posts are yet sitting unsaved… by the way, if you let Sendori install, later you can remove it via the installed programs of the control panel in windows.

and so we have the plugin installed, i chose to have it both in Chrome and Firefox, don’t wanna mess with IE right now, but it is possible to have it there as well. let’s try and download some Justin Bieber videos, and see how it goes… for that i go onto youtube, since this is a plugin, it is supposed to allow us download videos right off the youtube and vimeo pages. i put the search and open one of the top videos.. and what do you know… there’s no button to download the video from youtube. the plugin is outdated, these days youtube is doing alot with their site design, they remake it every few months, and they change ways, and all in all, software and plugin developers must stay on top of the game, they have to constantly check if their plugins and programs work, and this one does not work anymore, the promised “download” button was supposed to show up next to “like”, “dislike” and “share” buttons, but it didn’t and the final outcome is – Best Video Downloader doesn’t work! at least, in Chrome… let’s check Firefox: here i must say it did install Yontoo, or it asked me if it was OK, and i allowed it. then it installed itself, and it works in Firefox. so if you’re a fFoxy user, go ahead, try it out… here’s a screenshot of how the “DOWNLOAD” button looks like in firefox on a youtube page:

Best Video Downloader screenshot, firefox download button
Best Video Downloader screenshot, firefox download button is visible

and finally here’s my verdict: this is a useless plugin, that should not be downloaded and installed… i am not even going to come up with a list of “pros”, i only have “cons”, i.e. i only see reasons not to install this plugin, i do not see any positive outcome.. and here’s a list of detailed “why-s”…

Conclusion: why you should NOT use Best Video Downloader:

  • it doesn’t work in Chrome, it doesn’t work on Vimeo, from my tests it only worked in Firefox. with all that, it doesn’t tell you about not working in Chrome… it calls itself Video Downloader, while it clearly supports only
  • it wants to install a bunch of freeloaders, including Claro, Pricepeep and Sendori. Claro is a very intrusive one, it has search replacement and its own toolbar, do not mess with it, if you don’t want to spend hours removing it later.
  • to work properly in Firefox, it wants to install Yontoo, a platform for apps, but a useless and intrusive one.. and plugins shouldn’t base their work on any thirdparty platforms in first place..
  • it doesn’t work on embedded videos, it will only work on youtube pages, that is a complete loss and misinformation
  • no proxy downloading, no batch downloads, nothing really here…
it is, supposedly, supporting Mac and Windows alike, but i cannot confirm this right now. it’s time for the thumbs up.. or thumbs down??? the latter in this case… it does allow downloads of audio only, i.e. video to mp3 kinda conversion, mp3 can be at different bitrate too, it also offers all the video options, i.e. high quality, low quality, different formats, etc. so this can be used, but we are against it anyway… For a nice browser plugin to download youtube and many other sites – check SaveFrom Helper



    • admin Post authorReply

      haha, asking that 3 months ago, did you actually already expect Best video Downloader to be discontinued? 🙂

  1. independent2100 Reply

    Have been using this and loved it. Learned today that it has been discontinued. If you click the link above, you get sent to a page that simply says, “Product Discontinued” with no explanation given. It worked fine this morning, so who knows?

    • admin Post authorReply

      probably sued by youtube or something… or purchased.. usually giant sharks just purchase little fish and close them down – costs cheaper then running all the court sh$t…

  2. admin Post authorReply

    generally speaking, our review says – don’t use.. but it’s a matter of taste, of course, but i would really recommend CLIPGRAB – a very nice piece of software.. also as of late there’s been this new service i’ve checked out – – it’s nice, it extracts pure url of the stream that one can download as file.. will write a review soon, probably..

  3. john red Reply

    Best video Downloader is discontinued!! what alternatives?? everyone use ClipGrab and Keepvid!!!

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