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and here comes the first review of a popular browser plugin that is used to Download Youtube Videos. why do we use browser plugins for this? cause in most case scenario we’re lazy to copy the video link to the special software, we are lazy, we just wanna be able to click some button so that video in front of us would begin downloading somehow.. well, that’s why browser extensions exist – to make our easy surfer lives even easier. and so let’s begin with FVD – Flash Video Downloader, which goes for both – flash and video, and also video hidden in flash, i would presume…

how to install this free video downloader

please select the link based on which browser you like to use. 
download Chrome plugin
download Firefox plugin
these links will automatically have your browsers install the plugin, just make sure to allow it to modify the system/browser settings, plus allow it access to all the browser data. very easy clean install, involves no adware, no spyware, no freeloaders, nothing. this plugin seems to be the utmost altruism… but no, don’t be fooled by this design.. the plugin is only the roof for two more aggressive ways to earn money – free Flash Video Downloader online and free suite of programs all directed to make it easier for you to obtain videos from youtube, vimeo, etc.

download youtube videos with FVD browser plugin

FVD download youtube videos screen 2 settings
FVD download youtube videos screen 2 settings

and here we go, the most interesting part, where we get to test the actual method to see how it performs. lets search google for Justin Bieber and see where it take us? ok, here we go, the first video offered, we just jump on it. and now we’re in for a surprise, if Chrome was used to get the video. yeah, for some reason Chrome plugin that is sold via Chrome Store, had to comply with google’s rules, and video downloads from youtube were disabled in it. while i found other Chrome plugins that do download youtube videos, it is unclear to me why this one cannot, but i think it’s still for the same reason – to try and push the other 2 methods upon us: online and software.. well, for this given test i did resort to my second favorite browser – Firefox, went online, got plugin, no restrictions, i go over to youtube and open my video there. quick run over the settings, to be able to easily call upon this plugin, have it Display youtube download button, as well as main and status bar buttons, as shown on the next figure.

FVD download youtube videos screen 2 download links and setup icon
FVD download youtube videos screen 2 download links and setup icon

please note that blue arrow downsitting in the status bar of the browser (bottom right) and next to address bar (top center). when there’s no download possible on the current page, buttons will be grey, but when something can be done – they turn blue.  indicating that some download was found and is possible. settings also tell us that this plugin can be called with a hotkey (ctrl+alt+L by default), and it’s possible to download flash games with it, just make sure to rename downlods info swf files or save them like that right away! the figure below shows what happens when i’ve already clicked some download links, i chose the best quality and biggest size, VLC player agreed and played it fine after download was complete.

FVD download youtube videos screen 1 downloads
FVD download youtube videos screen 1 downloads

and finally let us go over the features that are available in FVD browser plugin for youtube video downloads…

features included in FVD free youtube video downloader (browser plugin)

  1. Multi Browser support, has versions for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and mobile.
  2. Supports many video streaming websites
  3. several download video links are presented depending on video quality versions stored on youtube.
  4. adfree video downloader, spy free video downloading program
  5. flash games can be downloaded and stored for later and off line playing..
  6. this is actually it for the features, very very poor setting, very limited extras…

Conclusion: why I am not going to use FVD browser plugins?

i love and use chrome, and i only download youtube videos, or want to download them, thus this plugin is no good for me, cause Chrome plugins can now only be obtained via the store, and store won’t allow youtube downloads… silly.. then again, if sound is to be downloaded, in many cases that sound has to start playing (as it also happens with some video sites) for the plugin to detect the stream and start recording it. it is not a very nice way, it’s easier to just copy the link into the special software, or copy it into the clipboard to let other special software detect it and start working on it. there’s no way to convert video after download is complete. there’s no way to save youtube video as mp3. basically this is a very limited piece of code that is aimed for one target – having you get big software suite (created by the same authors) or download online, both of these “methods” for FVD player and related stuff will be reviewed later! in the mean time, out verdict is… NO. Do not use this plugin. as a great alternative, try Save From Helper or even an online only method using offlberti.

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