Today is a day your life is going to be so exciting that you don’t know what it might bring you.

Today is a day your life is going to be so exciting that you don't know what it might bring you.

Let me say hello. Tanisha is a divorcee who recently got married. It was a difficult separation for me. While it’s not an elaborate story, it was extremely difficult. I found my husband as well as a woman in the evening after I got back from work. This is true. My 12 year-old husband has turned his back on my love and started looking for women’s top. After contemplating it for a while, it was time to let it go. I tried many different ways. I went out to have a drink with my friends and painted with girlfriends and went out to the shops. Then I went to restaurants, bars, bars, and clubs. It was a never-ending cycle of self-deprecation and self-loathing. However, I’ve discovered a way of stopping hating myself. Then, I began with my ex-husband and hated him.

Yes, it was his fault. He ruined my seemingly peaceful and blissful life filled with daily joys and late-night tea celebrations. After years of searching for fake social media accounts, we had no children. Our dog was taken away by her and kept him, which came as quite a shock. It’s extremely useful. You have a lot of options to spy on an ex on social media. You can sometimes change your username, then hit the “friend” button, and they’ll be able to accept.

After a few minutes, I noticed his new passion. He started to respond to different rap tracks. He said that this was his new profession. He became too obsessed with his dreams after gaining a few Youtube users. Years passed and nothing came out of it, except these ridiculous reactions videos. Although he’d sometimes be laughing, screaming, and rolling on the ground, it’s really an unproductive rant after another inane tirade. There’s no other words. Here’s where I’ve found two good ways to get involved with his new obsession.

In the beginning I began to report the YouTube channel’s videos for copyrights. The channel is using legitimate videos and tracks from commercial artists in order to record and publish his boring and superficial reactions. Youtube has removed 12 of his downloaded YouTube videos. This is a good start. Move on to Facebook and see if he’s copied the videos after they were taken off Youtube. Now , I’m claiming that this video is mine. Facebook blocks his account for 2 week. You’re very kind, I assure you! Twitter was finally a good alternative, but they refused to act upon my Twitter request and did not take action on his sloppy videos. It did not matter. I saw 34 videos removed.

I then took the videos they had removed and put to my account. The trick is that I had to prove that I owned the videos, and Facebook didn’t care if I claimed to be an aspiring music director. It was hilarious. The videos stayed up for 4 months. I have around twelve of the videos that were not edited and reshared. It was hilarious and took over four months before they were removed.

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