The cool web apps make finding music on Youtube more simple than ever before

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Hello, here’s a small bit of cover story for me. I like Spotify and Deezer. But, they don’t offer enough music from overseas. Amazon music, iTunes are excellent alternative but they don’t provide new and exciting hits until they are too old. and the other online streaming radio stations are fantastic however they don’t have the latest cool songs often. Also, all of their music is offered in 1 hour increments. This is ideal for those who wish to party, tunnel, or throw down.

And that’s why I turn to YouTube. YouTube is one place that you can discover music from all countries, diverse cultures, and backgrounds. YouTube also displays it immediately after it has been heard on radio stations. Not only do labels share music on YouTube, but every music lover can listen to new music on the radio and record them, and save them as a video and upload it to YouTube. You can also film yourself doing the new track and share it. Some of those shares reach millions of people, while others are not noticed by the copyright service.

In any case, this makes any brand new or old song on YouTube be available in a multitude of copies, from good quality to terrible sung by the drunken crowd in the video. It’s all good as long as I can hear the music. That’s why I look up tracks, and find the best copies and, let’s face it I’ve not had to purchase music in the past. It’s great to be able to discover songs from the 80s, alongside music from the 90s and dance songs from 2000s on YouTube. Sometimes I run into videos that read “this and that has decided to prevent the listener from hearing this song”.. But I don’t let this stop me when I go to one of my most used tools such as Y2mate or Flvto and then search for mp3s on there..

How does that work? Simply type in a search and the site will return more than two dozen results. I click on any of those results, and it offers me the option to download an the mp4 file or convert the Youtube video to MP3 format. It’s very simple and requires no technical expertise from me, and it’s the paradise set-up.. I can get any music I like from YouTube and listen at home. Try your hand at MP3 finding on your own. It allows me not to be limited by YouTube for my “country” which means that music from Europe and Africa can be played without issue.

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