When online seminar has unique video events, never go through them, but instead download the video file as MP4

download seminar videos to watch offline

This is applicable to any live video that’s limited in duration or is only available to subscribers. It is not a problem for me. Because I’m using the wireless hotspot WiFi at my quaint motel, I’m getting a slow and inconsistent internet connection at home. Every now and then I bring water to their offices. Updates to the password are done every couple of weeks. This helps me save money on my internet at home as well as I don’t have cable and it would cost a lot to set up. I’m renting to be able to ask my landlord for the password. Does it really take that much effort to get your home cable Internet connection? I don’t bother with that, and instead use the internet at my hotel. It allows me to be more discrete. I do not want to have my own address when using the internet.

There is an informative online seminar from your investing advisor, a lecture by a renowned professor at my school , or an underground streaming party. Because of my internet connection being slow which isn’t fast enough, I’m not given the chance to stream streaming video. As you will see below, downloading video takes about 3-4 times longer than it should. My connection speed is also quite slow. I can only watch videos smoothly without buffering interruptions, and my connection is about 30% slower than I could need. So I’ve discovered the most effective method to get around that speed restriction and simply save online video on my laptop, to play it repeatedly without the need to stream it over and over again, as my Internet connection can’t handle this kind of load…

Here’s what you’ve seen me doing recently. I launch Chrome browser. Firefox. Safari. Or any other browser with an inspect tab. Click on the site to call the inspect page. After that, go over to the network tab, and then locate the playlist for video. It is likely to include the extension m3u8 on the list. However, it could be something else. However, the characters will be present so that it can indicate the playlist you want to play that you can use for your video streaming. The process is that your video stream is divided into small files. Your internet browser then downloads them one by one and plays them in order. This is the way the MPEG transportation stream works. It’s quick and needs more data transfer that it has file sizes.

Then, I click right on the playlist file and copy its URL address (into to the clipboard), and then I navigate to the site to download seminar videos to my laptop. After entering the video playlist URL, I hit the submit button. After a couple of seconds, I see several download options. Each option indicates the possible final size of the file, time to transfer, and more. The bigger the file is greater in quality. I would prefer a lower quality file because it’s faster to use my Internet.

I go to the file and select it up as my download. While it may take hours to complete but the satisfaction of knowing is what keeps me motivated to complete the task. It’s impossible to watch live, so I save the videos online on my computer. This allows me to keep track of all information accessible. It’s what I do to stimulate my brain with exciting ideas, concepts, and fascinating techniques of the future. The whole thing comes alive when I save my video and avoid WiFi. It’s well worth it. Smooth streaming without buffering or lagging. You can also use this site to download online videos from Youtube. It’s free and open for all.

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